Why chromium has electron configuration 4s1 3d5?

Hund’s principle states electrons fill up subshells in a way where electrons of opposite spin can only occupy the orbitals. Then, electrons with opposite spins will fill up the orbitals.

Without diagrams, it’s difficult to grasp this. See the images below.

This video will help you if you’re still having trouble understanding.

Ok! Ok! The 3d10 and 3d5 configurations are the most stable for the 3d subshell.

Chromium’s final configuration is 4s2/3d4. An electron from the 4s orbital makes a jump to the 3d subshell. 3d5 is much more stable than 3d4. This is why the final configuration of Chromium is 4s1/3d5.

Vanadium is governed by the Aufbau principle.


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