Why do the blades of a fan still move though the fan is switched off?

In order to answer your query, I’d like to remind you of the theory of physics that Newton developed, namely his First Law of Motion. It states that a stiff body in rest is at rest, while a rigid body that is in motion remains in motion at identical speed in direction, until an external force is put on it. This law is called the Law of Inertia.

Here, in response to your query the fan represents the body that is rigid. the rigid body is moving as soon as the switch has been on. If the fan is turned off, the inertia from rotation acts on the fan’s rotating. In turn, due to this inertia of rotation, this fan rotates,i.e. the blades rotate, and unless an external force being applied. Since there is a force of friction that is acting on the parts of the blades because of the air and the air, the speed of the fan blades slows down and eventually stops. This is because there is a friction in the air that is an force external to the fan that causes the fan blades stop at some point, but it wouldn’t have stopped turning

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