Why don’t leading automobile companies show as much interest in developing electric cars like Tesla?

Tesla’s rivals have made beautiful battery electric cars. Bruce A McIntyre includes photos of many of them in his reply. They haven’t caught on, and they aren’t selling many. It is true that the electric cars produced by their competitors are not appealing if you mean “they have a lot buzz and people can’t WAIT to buy them”,

The Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt is the lowest end. The one has supercharging, a national network superchargers, and over the air updates. It also comes with an optional self-driving package that’s steadily improving, a glass roof, and is generally a very nice ride. The other is a small hatchback.

In general, Tesla is crushing everyone in electric car sales.

Why? They are an electric car company, and that is all they do. They are dedicated to their electric cars like no other company. It’s impossible to buy an electric vehicle from a company that is just getting into the electric market and has only recently released their first offering. Electric isn’t something that the gasmobile companies are fully committed to. They have to spend money on it. Big difference.

Tesla was one of the first to adopt it. They’ll also get them in Europe. All. of. Them. They are the only ones who will get that boost, as they cannot mass-produce electric cars until the problem with the batteries is solved. Tesla still has at least one full year of sales before any other company can compete. Tesla still has a 20% advantage in battery prices.

Tesla can make a better electric vehicle for less money.

To make Tesla sales fall, someone will have to invent a game-changing product.



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