Why don’t the electrons in the 1s-orbital cancel the charge of the protons in the nucleus, so electrons in the p, d and f don’t feel the protons?

The 1s orbital does not look similar to the globe. It’s more of clouds, where”electrons” or “electron pairs” are found “electron” (or “electron couple”) can be anywhere with varying probabilities in the infinite radius of a sphere approximately 90% most likely within a certain radius with a zero probability within the nucleus.

This is the reason why proton can’t be totally “canceled” and “shielded” by electrons. There’s no definitive “shield”. The electron’s exact position is dependent on uncertainty


The process of cancelling the proton’s charge is possible- when an proton and an electron combine to form a neutron . the neutrino ( Electron capture

). However when it comes to hydrogen, this procedure is (likely) prohibited.


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