Why is electricity so expensive?

It’s not.

These rates are similar to those in S.E Asia.

Surprisingly, this is the problem! India has now got too much electricity. It’s not good news that the states are paying for excess power they don’t use.

India now generates surplus power. This is a change from a country that was always short of power, to one that produces enough power for both domestic and export consumption.

Despite a rapid decline in the number un-electrified village, 1,234 villages are still without electricity.

Ironically, despite having an energy surplus state, 32,000,000 homes [1] still don’t have electricity.

Modi government’s initiatives such as Saubhagya and UDAY scheme to improve financial health of distribution businesses, IBC-bankruptcy code to resolve bad loans in the power sector, and push for renewable energy can help address this gap.

Universal electrification – Though every village is electrified, not all the homes have been electrified. 18% of Indians do not have access to electricity.The government has promised electrification to all homes by 2022.


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