Will electric cars put mechanics out of business?

The only remaining components of the single-component drive up will be lost, with the exception of the alignment joints and tire. They will also lose a lot more of their brake work.

The muffler shops have already reached thin ice due to longer-lasting factory exhausts. All the jiffy oils will be gone. The same applies to the transmission rebuild joints. Machine shops may continue to work on larger engines. Antique restoration will be carried out by the same places.

A lot of body shops will be closed once we have a large number of self-driving cars in our fleet. The remaining few will do rust repairs and failed paint repairs.

Dealers will have trouble as they currently make the majority of their profits at the service bays. (With F&I next). All routine service visits, which give service writers an opportunity to upsell additional work, will be gone.

The car’s traction battery will last for the rest of its life. There will be only a few pack replacements. Instead of thousands upon thousands of moving parts operating at high temperatures in lubricants contaminated by combustion byproduct, there is a three-phase induction motor that can easily be found in all factories. They are the ones that will run a conveyor belt for many decades in three shifts per day. A transmission is not required. AWD vehicles don’t need a transmission. The two-motor solution is more affordable.

You will find that EV has a better track record for wind whistle or squeak cases. The cars are quiet enough to hear them more.

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