What are the best , ideally electronic, books or courses for learning Python?

I will draw a step line for an absolute beginner:Zelle-Python programming. This book will give you an introduction to programming as well as to computer science through not so simple examples and exercises. It covers the basics of algorithmic (searching, sorting) and goes beyond that. Guttag-Introduction To Computing and Programming Using Python by MIT is … Read more

What are things that electronics and telecommunication engineers (ECE) know while other engineers don’t?

Apple’s iPhone 5 is a product. Everyone knows this. Many people don’t realize that the iPhone 5 has a 4G chip from Qualcomm, Flash memories chips from Hynix Semiconductors Korea, audio chip by Cirrus Logic, and Touch screen controller chip of Texas Instruments. Complex chips that are used in mobile phones may contain transistors greater … Read more