What is the best future for electronics and communication engineers?

To those who chose ECE to be their branch, I have to say “dude, you’ve got guts!”

The current situation will show that most ECE are joining IT companies, but this is due to a lack of knowledge about the core industrial work going on. Although this industry may seem slow and sluggish, trust me when I say that Apple can create an antenna from its iwatch screen there are amazing things ahead. !

  • In the coming years, electronics and communication engineers will be more in demand for industries like robotics & industrial automation.
  • Research organizations such as ISRO can use space communication technology and power utilities to improve their efficiency.
  • Elon Musk deserves special mention. This guy has made our lives more interesting, and I’m sure SPACEX will soon be starting a space colonization program.
  • The semiconductor industry is trying to shift towards nanotechnology.
  • There are many other opportunities in the communications industry. JIO 4g is not going to be enough for everyone.

ECE students are excited about the future. Just rock and roll.

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