Do e cigarettes leave behind a smell?

There isn’t distinct smell, particularly when you’re outdoors, however in the case of vaping indoors, they can create a temporary smell. The vapor will eventually disappear however, to be clear the majority of the air you exhale is what you breathe out of the tank (you do not absorb all from the vape using the quick exhale and inhale). This vapor contains all ingredients of the juice, including propylene glycol (also known as vegetable glycerin), vegetable g and nicotine as well as flavoring. Therefore, it’s possible to get a whiff of it for a brief time after you’ve vaporized.

If you’re looking for scent lingers, it’s extremely minimal, particularly when compared to cigarette smoke and is quite nil after couple of hours of not smoking. My wife has been able to feel it in my lungs and also feel it in a kiss however it’s not as offensive or pungent as cigarettes smoke.

It is important to know how the smell comes to be realized when I’m smoking inside my office, for instance and the haze has disappeared, those who walk into the office have commented on how pleasant it smells, but and have no idea what the scent was.

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