Do Electronics and Communication Engineers have any scope in India? Why or why not?


Abhilash deshmukh – A2A

Yes, India has enough opportunities for ECE students.

Below is a list of names for core electronics companies. These companies are listed online so you can find sufficient information. It will be discussed further after I have completed the list.

  1. Wipro Lighting Corporate
  2. Schnider Electric
  3. Bajaj Electricals Ltd
  4. Siemens
  5. Alstom Corporate
  6. Bharat Heavy Electric Ltd.
  7. Crompton Greaves
  8. Havells India Limited
  9. ABB India Limited
  10. EMCO Limited
  11. HBM power system
  12. KIRLOSKAR Electric Co Limited
  13. Ace Bimetalliks India Private Ltd. Ltd.
  14. Balar Marketing Pvt. Ltd
  15. E S Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd
  16. Modern Electrical Stores
  17. Eveready Industries India Ltd
  18. Microtek
  19. Exide Industries Ltd
  20. Ankit Electricals
  21. Arihant Enterprises
  22. Advance Engineering Company
  23. Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
  24. Tata Electric Companies
  25. Techno Instrument India Pvt.Ltd
  26. Adani Power Ltd
  27. CESC Ltd.
  28. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd
  29. PTC India Ltd
  30. Sun Source (India)
  31. Kaydour Cables India
  32. Finolex Cables Limited
  33. Impex Trading Company
  34. Sevana Electrical Group
  35. Dynamic Scaffolding & Equipment Co
  36. Neolex Cables
  37. National Wind & Power Corpn.
  38. Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd
  39. HBL Power Systems Ltd
  40. Suryachakra Power Corpn. Ltd
  41. DLF Power Limited
  42. Lanco Industries
  43. Kuber Lighting Pvt Ltd
  44. Baliga Lighting
  45. A.K. A.K.
  46. Torque Master Tools Pvt. Ltd
  47. Pran Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  48. Mellcon Engineers
  49. Mehta Engineering Enterprise
  50. India International House Ltd

This is a very small list. There are many other names I can give you, starting with medium-sized electrical or electronic companies. You will also find 1 in every 5 new startups choosing electronics as their work field in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, Delhi, Delhi, and Calcutta.

Each year, India sees an increase in students pursuing electrical and communication courses.

Some students who graduated from college went on to work in IT Industries, where they were happy writing code. Some students are exceptional and go on to higher education. Others leave the country in search of better opportunities. Other students start businesses and form companies.

It isn’t that IT and any other job are not rewarding. If you love your work, they are great.

Some people believe that colleges and educational processes are poor. We can’t change the fact that education is not good. However, we can improve our learning methods.

Personally, I think so.

Someone who is a master at C Programming, has deep knowledge about Analog and digital electronics, can use the internet to learn more, loves electronics and can think about the futurestic technology behavior that core companies are eagerly waiting for.

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