How can I be better in electronics?

Here’s a quick, concise and clear answer:

You are searching for employment in the electronics industry?

  1. Understanding electronics at the micro level is essential. Electronics can also combine other topics like electrical and atomic structure.
  2. It is necessary to solve many theory-based questions. This will add a new dimension to your thinking process in electronics.

You are searching for research opportunities?

  1. The first point is the same: i.e. You must understand electronics at a grass-roots level before you can understand advanced devices like semiconductors.
  2. Think outside the box. Keep your curiosity. Challenge any new idea or device that you discover. BJT, for example, can be used to switch. Wait, there are also electrical switches in our homes. These switches can be used in place of a BJT. What is the primary difference between them? These questions are natural.

These information should help you be a strong electronic user.

Best of luck!

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