How can you listen to a speaker’s opinions through electronic media without being easily swayed into accepting their opinions?

Because I don’t assume that the first, middle or last thing I hear from any writer or speaker is an objective recitation or fact, Speakers and writers are human. We all have biases, prejudices, and perspectives shaped by our lives. I am able to hear one person tell me a story, give advice, or express an opinion about someone else’s actions. This is their unique perspective on life. While they may believe the things they say or write, and may have some solid facts to support their opinions, they are still just one voice, one view, one word, among millions.

I have been around presidents, CEOs and high-ranking military officers. I was surrounded by well-informed, intelligent, sensible, sane and well-respected people who uttered an opinion that they wanted me to believe. It didn’t work for me. I will not take the words of others lightly. I will do my research, look at the facts and consider all the factors. I will also allow for biases and influences that may have been present by the speaker or writer before I believe them. I don’t believe in being influenced by another person’s opinions.

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