How many numbers of lone pair is present in XeF4?

2 lone pairs can be found in XeF4 because Xe forms covalent bond with F. Each atom in F has 7 electrons in its outermost shell. They share 1 electron with each other, completing their octet. Xe’s outermost shell contains 4 electrons, forming 2 lone pair.

There are therefore 2 pairs of lone pairs in Xe.

F atom has 1 electron that is used to bond with the electron of Xe. This leaves 6 non-bonding electrons. These electrons form three pairs on each F-atom. There are 4 Fatoms, and each Fatom has 3 lone pair. The total number of lone pairs is 3×4 = 12.

There are twelve lone pairs of F atoms.

All things considered, 2+12 = 14.

There are 14 pairs of lone pairs in total on the molecule XeF4.

However, hybridization diagrams, finding the steric number, and detecting isostructural compound are based on the lone pair of the main atom. Here, Xe will be used to indicate that there are 2 lone pairs.

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