How should I start to study electronics and communication engineering?

Here’s a list of the things you should do.

1. Start practicing C programming every day.

2. Learn to understand and apply Ohm’s Law(V=IR) and Power Law (P=VII)

3. Learn how to use the Voltage Divider circuit.

(Most people may be surprised. The entire electronics industry revolves around the voltage divider circuit.

4. Start practicing with a Microcontroller Kit

5. Transistor Understanding

6. Understanding Amplifier, Regulator and Op-amp

7. Digital learning made easy

8. Learn about Microprocessor

9. Learn about Microcontroller

10 Understand I2C Bus and SPI Bus

11. Learn ADC & DAC

12. Learn FPGA & Verilog.

All of the above is possible within the first 2 years of your B.E. ECE course. You will enjoy everything you read about Electronics & Communication if you can complete the 12 tasks in the first two years.

You can also improve your mathematical skills if you want to continue in the communication field.

Quora has given me a few answers, and I intend to continue writing there. The majority of the answers will assist you in understanding the 12 tasks.

You can leave a comment if you have any questions. I will respond.

Finally, I started Zoom/WhatsApp classes in C Programming, Electronics and Embedded topics for ECE students. Send me a Quora message if you’d like to take part.

All the best.

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