How to Apply for a Passport in Dominica

Apply for a Passport in Dominica

  1. Visit the Immigration Department or the nearest Dominican High Commissioner/Consulate to make an application for an entry permit.
  2. For first-time applicants An interview with the inspector, Immigration is required.
  3. Complete the application form to submit a passport application.
  4. The applicants are now required to sign the declaration section 8 of the application form for passports witnessed or notarized by an Notary Public or an authorized official in the Dominica High Commission.
  5. Fill out the form and submit it along with all other documents required and pay any fees required.

Required Documents For a Passport

  • The completed application form must be submitted.
  • Original and a copy of birth certificate, the marriage certification (if there is a female application for marriage)
  • Treasury receipt to prove the payment of the application fee.
  • Two recent passport size photos (45mm 38mm x 45mm or 1 3/4 ” by 1 1/2″). Passport photos must meet the following requirements:
    • Image must be at least 3mm and 5mm away from the top edge, and the chin should be between 10mm and 12mm away from the bottom edge and include shoulder;
    • Photographs should not be over exposed or over exposed.
    • Background colors: light blue, light grey Beige, light brown;
    • There should be a contrast between the image with background (e.g. no white shirt against white background, or light grey shirt with a light grey background and so on. );
    • No shirts featuring large prints; no military-themed clothes or camouflage.
    • No tank tops or sleeves;
    • The chest area should be covered;
    • No dark or shaded sunglasses;
    • No head covers, Except for Muslims;
    • The facial expression of the face must be neutral (person can smile, but their the mouth should not be closed);
  • Anyone who collects documents on behalf of the applicant must present a notarized written request (done by Notary Public) from the applicant. This is true regardless of whether the person has brought to the passport application for the benefit of an applicant.


  • Stamps no longer necessary in passport applications.
  • The documents should be written in English. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by the authentic English translation.

Office Locations and Contacts

Passport and Immigration Department

Police Headquarters

Bath Road


Commonwealth of Dominica

Telephone: (767) 266 5159

Fax: (767) 448 6204

E-mail: /

What are all the Eligibility

Every citizen of Dominica can apply for Dominica passports. Dominica passport that also allows anyone Dominica citizens to free movement throughout the Caribbean regions, and in many cases , it allows visa-free travel anywhere in the globe.

  • Birth: Anyone born within Dominica to Dominica parents as of the date of birth is automatically an official citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica and eligible to obtain the Dominica passport. Additionally, children who were born to foreign nationals in Dominica to foreign citizens can when they register through the local registry, obtain an identity card.
  • Ancestry or Inheritance: Persons born outside of Dominica parents as of the date of birth will become an Dominica citizen. As a citizen, the child is entitled to an Dominica passport.
  • Legal Adoption: Anyone who is less than 18 years who adopts in a way legally recognized by the Dominica citizen
  • Naturalization: people of a foreign national who have been for at least five years in Dominica in the last five years are eligible to become citizens of Dominica and thus be eligible to obtain an Dominica passport.
  • People who are who are married to a Dominica citizen may, after an interval of residence within the territory for a minimum of three years apply for the passport. However , they must remain married for that period and legally reside and possess an active work permit and residence permit.
  • Economic Citizenship Program: through this program, individuals are able to make a one-time, non-refundable payment towards the Commonwealth of Dominica which qualifies individuals to Economic Citizenship and later an additional Passport of Dominica. Commonwealth of Dominica.


Pay for passport application fees payable at Treasury Department (the birth certificate and marriage certificates (if you are married) must be shown before the Cashier of the Treasury Department before fees are paid:

  • Children younger than 16 years age: EC$75.00
  • Adults (16 years old or older): EC$150.00
  • Passports stolen or lost: EC $400.00


Dominica passports, unlike other countries are valid for the period of ten years if the person who is carrying it is older than 16 years old and five years in the event that the bearer is less than 16.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

The typical period for processing passports is 2 (2) months. In an emergencysituation, such as during illness passports are processed quickly in two to three days.


First time applicants have to appear before the Immigration Department or the nearest Dominican High Commission / Consulate to be interviewed by the official. Children who are younger than 16 years of age are required to be accompanied by the applicant who will need to present a valid ID.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Nicknames / Aliases
  • Marital Status
  • Personal Description
  • Age at the time of last birthday
  • The profession or the occupation
  • Address currently in use
  • The usual place of residence
  • Local telephone number. and fax no.
  • E-mail
  • Citizenship
  • For married Women:
    • Surnames of husbands, former spouses, and the full Christian names
    • Marriage ceremony location
    • Date of wedding
  • For Persons born abroad:
    • Name of consulate
    • Date of registration
    • The date and location of birth date of the father/mother
    • Specifics of the applicant’s fatheror Mother
  • Information on children who aren’t yet 16 must be added to the passport

Documentation is needed

Passports are a form of identification that is issued by the federal government. It demonstrates the nationality and identity of the person who holds it, and can be used to travel across the globe. It has information regarding the person who holds it, such as gender, name as well as the date and location of birth.

This document doesn’t by itself grant the person who holds the passport the right to travel to another country, nor does it confer consular protection when traveling abroad, nor do they have any other rights. However, it typically permit the holder of the passport returning to the nation from which they were issued the passport. The right to consular protection stems from international treaties. However, the passport holder’s return to issuer’s country is contingent on the laws that govern the country.

Information that could be helpful

  • Passports that are lost, stolen, or damaged or damaged or stolen need to be reported immediately to the Immigration Department in Roseau, the closest Police Station or the Dominica Consulate.

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