How to Apply for a Police FingerPrint Clearance Certificate In Uganda

Apply for a Police FingerPrint Clearance Certificate In Uganda By Online

This can be accomplished in two ways

At any police station

  • Visit any police station in the area;
  • Make sure that your fingerprints are recorded on a pre-printed form;
  • Make all the required payments.
  • The office will apply the seal and stamp of the police to the form where fingerprints are taken. The office will then send it back to you.

National Bureau of Interpol

  • Contact the The Head of the National Bureau of Interpol Uganda and ask for the certificate.
  • Make the payment to the specified bank;
  • Take all the documents required;
  • Visit the CID Headquarters to have fingerprints taken.
  • CID will then conduct a manual record check, and then send their findings to Interpol
  • Take all the information from Interpol as well as pay for the additional.

Required Documents For Apply for a Police FingerPrint Clearance Certificate

  • An authentic copy of an Identity document is required for all foreign nationals to submit an identity page for their passport.
  • Two passport size photos (in colour)
  • The letter stating the reasons why the police certification is requested.
  • Certified copies of visas/permits proving the duration of legal residence in Uganda for foreigners.
  • A letter from the employer if you’re foreign nationals and resided in Uganda. The letter should state whom you’re from, the sort of work you carried out and the place you resided in Uganda
  • The payment slips

Office Locations and Contacts

International Criminal Police Organization National Central Bureau of Interpol
Plot 2 Mabua Road Kololo
P.O. Box 2973 Kampala
Telephone: +256-414-500695/500698
Fax: +256-414-500696

Director of the National Bureau of Interpol Uganda
Plot 12, Mabua Road
P.O Box 34203, Kampala UGANDA
Telephone Contact number: (414) 500 698 or (414) 500 698, 772 345 161 or 345 161


Ages 18 and above


  • Ugx 48000 to a designated bank.
  • Ugx 3000 is payable to Interpol at the time the police certification is received

Processing Time

At the police station , it may last for a day. In Interpol’s National Central Bureau of Interpol it could be for two or more days.


  1. In person, apply at the closest Ugandan police station.
  2. Complete the required application form.
  3. Complete all payments that are required
  4. The application should be sent along with all the necessary documents and the necessary documents International Criminal Police
  5. The form for fingerprints has to be signed by the individual who took the fingerprints.

The Information You Need

  • The applicant’s full name
  • Sex
  • Birth date and location
  • Nationality
  • A set of fingerprints from both hands , taken by a reputable police authority
  • Identification number
  • Certificate’s purpose is to verify the validity of the document.

The Document is required

The term “fingerprint” in its simplest sense is a mark left by the lines of friction on a finger of a human. It is also possible to explain them as the traces left by an impression created by the friction ridges on any human. The fingerprint clearance certificate of a police officer is issued to prove that the person applying for the clearance has the fingerprints that are printed onto the certification.

Information that can be useful

  • Friends or family members who reside in Uganda may submit an application on behalf of the applicant, but it is not necessary the original certificate of fingerprint verification certificates should be with the application.
  • If the applicant is from outside of Uganda the bank cheque of the same sum in USD is accepted . The check must be made payable to director of Interpol.
  • The other currencies are not accepted other than USD and Ugandan Shillings (as Interpol Kampala does not have a bank account in the foreign country and thus cannot make money orders in cash for foreign currency).

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The certificate is a valid document that can be used to identify;
  • It confirms identity.
  • It could be used to satisfy court-ordered requirements, residence permits or to secure employment

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