How to Apply for a Provisional Permit to Operate a New School In Uganda

Apply for a Provisional Permit to Operate a New School In Uganda By Yourself

  1. The applicant/proprietor intends to make known the intention to establish an educational facility in a new location with the director of Education and asks for permission from the Director to communicate this in writing.
  2. A submission letter for the Director of Education for the start of an educational institution, accompanied by feasibility study.You can find their website at the link below Ministry of Education and sports
  3. The director of Education acknowledges receipt, and either granting or disallowing permission.
  4. The owner receives applications for the operation of the new school through the District Education Office.
  5. The completion and submission of the application form as well as the required documentation to the Director of Education.
  6. The district Education Officer sends 3 copies of application forms to the Director of the Education Ministry of Education and Sports.
  7. The feasibility study should examine the following aspects that are supported by evidence:
    • The purpose and the goals of the the proposed course or school;
    • The availability and the quality of the the school’s site and building including the documents of ownership including the location plan, development plan, photographs or an architect’s sketch of the building, if one is yet to be built;
    • The project’s cost is a list of items for the entire curriculum for site development school buildings and quarters, classrooms and classrooms, equipment and library facilities staff and salaries and maintenance;
    • Financial capacity of the applicant with the help of his resources to sustain the operation year after year, without relying only on fees for students;
    • The proposed department lineup and the supervisory and administrative staff along with their personal Transcript of Documents, proof of eligibility and proof of desire to be a part of the school and
    • The need or the demand for the an establishment of a school within the vicinity.
  8. The school must pay the cost of inspection, which is eight hundred eighty million six thousand and seventy eighty shillings (880,670) to the district office of education.
  9. The District Inspectorate Team is responsible for preparing The Inspection Report with recommendations.
    • If the recommendation is favorable and the application for a temporary Government Permit together with required documents as well as an Inspection report will then be sent by Regional Office. Regional Office. (Folder will be labeled “Received” and the associated day in the Documents Section.)
    • If there is a deficiency in the school, it must be informed by a written endorsement in order to meet the missing standards.
  10. The director of Education is based on recommendations or reports from the district or on a report that follows an inspection of the locality in which the proposed school will be situated in the Directorate of Education Standards recommends or denies the request for a provisional permit or license.

Notification:Failure to submit the requested feasibility Study in support of the request for operation could constitute grounds to the complete rejection of the request.)

Required Documents For Apply for a Provisional Permit to Operate a New School

  • Attach an original license letter that allows you to run the school.
  • The original registration certificate of the school must be attached to the application.
  • Minutes of BOG or recommending the upgrading of the school through creating a dormitory section.
  • This is the District Inspector of Schools’ report on the Dormitories as well as other accommodation facilities.
  • The report lists the essential facilities in the dormitory section as well as drawn drawings that have been approved (Building Plans) available.
  • Documentation proving the Dormitory Occupancy permit must be included .
  • A certificate for Occupational Safety and Health from the health official.
  • The approved plan for water and sanitation systems within the dormitory should be attached to the application.
  • An overview of safety tips and ways to prevent injuries are found in the dormitories. (Fire security system).

A list of the requirements an applicant must satisfy prior to receiving the preliminary License.

  • Private secondary School Assessment form 2 should be included with the application
  • pre-registration authorizations for the establishment of an independent school
  • The district education officer’s report must be included on the application
  • The report of the District School Inspector should be included with the application
  • The District Health Inspector’s report must be included with the application
  • Directorate of Education Standards report is required to be included on the application
  • The Assessment Form for Provisional License.
  • Local Council approvals reports should be attached to the application
  • The LCIII letter confirms it is located within the sub-county

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Education and Sports Office Head Office.
Physical Address Location 35 Kampala Road, King George way IV
Embassy House and Legacy Tower Block A and B Kyadondo Road.
Mailing Address P.O.Box 7063 Kampala, Uganda
E-mail Address:
Web site: Ministry of Education and sports


  • Anyone who wishes to establish an entirely new school can apply.
  • The school’s chairman or person in charge of the school must be aware that schools registered as independent must function within the restrictions set out within the Constitution and National as and District legislation.


  • The fee for a license required to obtain this permit are: USh. 880,670
  • Contact the department office to inquire about any additional fees. But registration and licensing of schools is completely free.


  • The permit is valid for a time period not less than two years

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time for the permit provisional is 14 days.

Requirements Information

  • Provide information regarding the school.

The Document is required

  • A license is required to maintain the standards of education by restricting admission to the educational sector only to those who are fit and appropriate.
  • It is required that the government be informed and asked to approve any new creation of an educational environment. It should be done in the prescribed format, as defined in the Municipal/District Educational Department.

Information that could be helpful

The general requirements are:

  • The applicant or an identifiable proprietor/foundation body. They must be a person or a community with a good reputation and solid financial standing prior to submitting an application.
  • The applicant must have a Original proof of ownership, or lease of the land on where the institution is located or a tenancy contract for at minimum five years (in the case of buildings hired) prior to the application being submitted.
  • The school should be licensed and registered by the an appropriate authorities (the Permanent Secretary, Chief Administrative Officer the Town Clerk) in order to be eligible for the Boarding section.
  • If a school is new and it’s about to start in the year, it must meet the requirements for licensing and registration of schools prior to when the Authority is able to grant permission for the Boarding Section.

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