How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Belgium

How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Belgium

  1. The applicant must fill out the Visa request form .
  2. The applicant must also obtain an official letter of cover from the employer to begin applying for the business visa.
  3. The applicant must pay the visa fee at the bank of their choice and receive the receipt that acknowledges the payment.
  4. The applicant is then required to submit the completed and signed form for a visa application along with the receipt for payment and the cover to a Belgium embassy in their home country or at the entry point in Belgium.
  5. In a matter of days, after a few days, a Belgian Visa will be issued to the applicant after completing all requirements of a Visa application.
  6. Transit Visas cannot be altered or extended.
  7. If you change your travel plans after you have received your visa, you must apply to get a new visa.
  8. Anyone who is a visa applicant can be assessed by a consular officer should it be necessary.

Documents Required Apply for a Transit Visa

  • You’ll require the visa application form. You can download, print online and then sign the visa application.
  • You’ll require an Original or a certified Valid passport that has at minimum six months remaining validity.
  • Passport-type photograph: 1
  • Itinerary. Photocopy of tickets for round trips, or an itinerary that has been confirmed.
  • Additional documents required that are required for children (under 18,):
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of birth certificate for the applicant.
  • A Letter of Consent.
  • A NOTARIZED consent letter that is signed by both parents that authorizes an Embassy in order to provide a visa for transit to the child.

Office Locations and Contacts

List of foreign Embassies

World Trade Center, Tour II

Antwerpsesteenweg, 59 B / Chausse dAnvers 59b

1000 Brussels

Information Desk

Tel. : 02/793.80.00

E-mail :

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Didier ReyndersDidier Reynders,


How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Belgium
How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Belgium


Immigration Services in Brussels

rue des Petits Carmes 15

Brussels 1000

Belgium Show the map

+32 25 018 111


Kingdom of Belgium Foreign Affairs,

Development cooperation and trade in foreign trade.


FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation

rue des Petits Carmes 15 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Phone number +32 (0)2 51 81 11. Public transportation

Train: railway station Bruxelles Central – Brussel Centraal

Tram: 92 & 94 (Place Royale Koningsplein)

Metro: Lines 2 , 6 (Porte of Namur to Naamsepoort)

Bus Lines 27 38, 71, 95 (Koningsplein) Lines 34 54, 71, 71 and 80 (Porte de Namur Naamsepoort) Naamsepoort)


Follow the signs for central Brussels and then take the Petite Ceinture/Kleine ring, Exit Porte de Namur/Naamsepoort.

What Are All The Eligibility

Citizens of countries that Belgium requires to obtain an entry visa to Belgium but stay for less than 10 days.


  • A Foreign Official of the Government, immediate Family Service, Attendant, Servant, or Personal Employees, who are in Transit do not have to purchase the Transit Visa in Belgium.
  • They are classified as C3 group.


Belgium Transit visas are valid for 7-10 days.


  • You can get an entry visa for transit at any entry point to Belgium. It could be at airports ports, border points, or ports for shipping.
  • Visitors who are arriving in Belgium via road are advised to travel through the entry points that are marked and immediately report to an immigration officer.
  • The traveler must have possess of valid travel documents such as a passport along with an onward ticket. They must remain within the airport’s transit zone in the event that they’ve used the airport’s services.
  • The passport of the tourist must have at least two clear blank visa pages that can be used for Visa stamp(s).

Requirements Information

  1. Full name
  2. Sex
  3. Name of parents
  4. Birth date, country/place of birth
  5. Profession
  6. Birth nationality
  7. Current Nationality
  8. Country of residence
  9. Contact number of passport
  10. The date of the passport’s issuance
  11. Expiry date for passport
  12. Motives for entry
  13. Date of entry
  14. The duration of the stay

The Document is required Apply for a Transit Visa

Transit Visa is granted to an international traveler who plans to travel through Belgium to another destination. The transit visa is required by passengers on connecting flights, except if they are in the transit zone of the airport during flights, and also for passengers on cruise ships that visit Belgium.

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