How to Apply for Benefits of Gratuity In Bahamas

Apply for Benefits of Gratuity In Bahamas By Online

  1. To apply to receive Gratuity The Officer must communicate with Human Resource department Human Resource department, six months prior to the date of retirement to confirm if (s)he can be eligible for retirement benefits.
  2. The officer must fill out and submit an application form to claim gratuity, along with the necessary documents, as specified within the “Required Documents” section of the procedure, as well as an acknowledgement letter that specifies the date at which (s)he is planning to retire to the immediate supervisor.
  3. The applicant is able to download the application form by clicking the link below. link.
  4. Fill out the application form and include all the information required.
  5. The supervisor/HR then has to complete an application for the benefit and send it to the Head of Department for signature.
  6. The Head of Public Service/PS Department will write and present a recommendation for the permanent secretary of the Department of Public Service.
  7. The employee’s information is checked as accurate at Department of Public Service. Department of Public Service before formulating the benefit due to the officer and the recommendation is then sent to the Public Service Commission for final review.
  8. Final decision is taken by the Public Service Commission regarding the benefits that the officer will receive and will report on to department of public service. Department of Public Service.
  9. A letter is sent to the officer with the amount , and the file will be passed on to the section of accounts, who will make an account of the amount to be used for gratuity.
  10. The officer will then be able to take the check from the department of Treasury.

Required Documents For Apply for Benefits of Gratuity 

The following documents are required to be provided:

  • by the employee
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport

The agency’s HR department:

  • All submissions made by family members/LPR
  • Evidence of unpaid leave
  • Memorandum confirming that the officer isn’t indebted to the government.
  • Progression of Salary
  • The letter of appointment for the public sector.

From Family Island employees

  • Exemplars of Blue G vouchers for each quarter in the last five years

Office Locations and Contacts

Public Service and National Insurance,
Poinciana Hill Meeting Street
P.O. BOX – N 3915Nassau, N.P.,
The Bahamas
Web Site: Link

How to Apply for Benefits of Gratuity In Bahamas
How to Apply for Benefits of Gratuity In Bahamas

Phone:(242) 502-7200
Fax:(242) 326-6929
Permanent Secretary
Under Secretary


The eligibility criteria for a public officer are:
The applicant should

  • Join our permanent team.
  • At the very least 5 (5) years of minimum full-time employment.
  • Service is uninterrupted or continuous.
  • Has at minimum the equivalent of 30 years’ continuous work.
  • At the age of 55.
  • Considered by the Government Medical Board to be medically unfit to continue employment.
  • Is at the mandatory retiring age 65.


There aren’t any processing charges to this process.

Documents to Utilize

Request for Gratuities: Form Link
Application for Request for Retirement/Resignation/Death Benefit Form: Form Link

Processing Time

The time frame for the death of a Public Official is four months.

Requirements Information

For pension/gratuity

  • Name of the applicant
  • Title of the Present Office
  • Date of Birth
  • Total Service
  • Salary Information
  • The reason for retirement
  • Office Addresses
  • Service details
  • Employee Number
  • National Insurance Number etc

For retirement/resignation/death benefits

  • The name of the officer
  • Birth date
  • Position at date of retirement/resignation/death & ministry/department:
  • (Date of appointment).
  • Date of retirement/resignation/death:
  • Salary and scale
  • Incremental date:
  • The total period of non-pensionable service
  • The total period of pensionable service, starting
  • Deductions are in process (e.g. extended sick leave for 7/8ths of the pay)
  • Remaining period for deductions:
  • Leave for vacation included in the duration of pensionable service
  • Any exceptional promotions or bars that are processed by psc
  • Any outstanding loans or advances:
  • No Employee
  • National insurance number.
  • Departmental budgetary head number.
  • The time frame for transfer to an authority that has been approved:

Documentation is needed

This process must be followed in order to receive Gratuity benefits.

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