How to Apply for Building Permit In Niue

Apply for Building Permit In Niue By Online

  1. Visit your local Public Works Officer office.
  2. Send the required documents and information.
  3. Work closely with your Building Inspector.
  4. Pay the amount.

Office Locations and Contact

Public WorksDirector Mr Deve TALAGI
Contact: PO Box 38, Alofi, NIUE
Phone (683) 4297
Facsimile (683) 4223


The permit issued in accordance with section 7 permits the applicant to begin or cause to commence with the work of building for which it was issued. The permit remains in effect until the construction of the structure is complete in accordance to the Code unless

    • If the construction does not begin within the 12 months after the date when it was granted then the permit will, upon expiration date be cancelled.
    • Construction of the structure shall be stopped for a continuous period of 6 months, after the event that permits are not renewed, they will be revoked.
    • The permit will be suspended pursuant to section 11, wherein the permit shall have no effect during the time during which it is suspended.
    • The permit will be removed under section 12, wherein the permit will have no effect as of the date on which it was annulled.


  • The application for a permit is granted to the Building Inspector until the required information is provided by the Building Inspector, and the building meets the requirements of the Code.
  • In approving an permit, the Building Inspector can under the conditions of the provisions of this Act in addition to the Code
    • Existing buildings must be inspected prior to the construction work to be completed and in respect of the work is granted a permit in order to conform with the Code in the amount that the work being undertaken will allow.
    • Insist on the reasonable conditions and terms as the Building Inspector considers necessary to make sure that the Code must be adhered to.
  • Each applicant seeking a building permit or if the applicant is not present or unable to apply the person who is to be responsible for the building of the building shall inform to the Building Inspector by writing any modification or deletion of information included in the application for the permit.

The Information You Need

  • site plan detailing
    • the exact location of the building as well as distances from the boundary, determined from the outside boundaries of the building.
    • the distance between any existing structure within the limits of the site , measured from the exterior of each structure;
    • the length of any road that is public or access road that runs along the boundary
    • the position of any water bore and the distance it is from any disposal facility determined from the outside boundaries of the facility;
    • the place where electricity and water will be available to the location and the exact location of the source of power and water to the building will be supplied with electricity and water;
  • A design plan detailing
    • sketches of at least four angles of the buildings
    • sketches of at least one portion of the building that define the stud’s height;
    • sketches of the ties that describe them;
  • Specifications;
  • The dates on the basis of which it was intended
    • the construction process will begin;
    • that the foundations’ placement and reinforcing studs be completed
    • The exterior walls (without walls linings) and roof must be finished;
    • the fixing of wall linings should start;
    • that construction work shall be completed
  • The address at which construction will be carried out;
  • Name and address for the individual who is the proprietor of the property;
  • Name and address for the individual who is to be accountable for the building’s construction as well as the address and name of each subcontractor.

The document is needed

Before any construction work can begin in permanent materials , it’s required that a Building Permit is first sought. Here are the steps of how you can apply for an Building Permit in Niue.

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