How to Apply for Business License In Niue

Apply for Business License In Niue By Online

  1. Request a business license at the Licensor’s Office.
  2. Documents and other information that you need to submit.
  3. Fill out an application form.
  4. Make sure you pay the charges.
  5. License issuing.

Required Documents For Apply for Business License

  • necessary permits to run the company

Office Locations and Contacts

Registration of CompaniesTreasury Department
Niue Public Services
PO Box 36
Phone Numbers for Contact:
Freephone in Niue

  • 010, 015 (ask for the Companies Office)

Freephone in New Zealand

  • 0508 722 434

The freephone is available Outside Niue or New Zealand

  • +64 3 962 2723


  • Anyone, or any group of individuals, whether corporate or not, who is engaged in, or conducting an enterprise;
  • The agent of a businessperson (other other than an employee) who is engaged in the conduct of transactions on behalf of the businessperson;


Every licence will expire at the end of March, unless the license is to be renewed pursuant to section 14

Processing Time

  • Around 10 days

Requirements Information

  • Name, profession, and the address of Niue of the applicant.
  • The applicant must decide if he wants his work to be that of an
    • sole operator;
    • partnership;
    • family-owned company;
    • company that is properly incorporated;
  • The exact nature of the company for the purpose of which the licence is sought.
  • The kind of license sought The type of licence sought, for example;
    • A wholesaler’s license;
    • A retailer’s license;
    • A service provider’s license;
  • Every business location or from where the applicant wants or is planning to conduct or continue the business
  • The hours of opening and closing of the company for which approval is sought
  • The other permits needed for the operation of the company

The Document is required

The term “business” is also referred to as an enterprise or firm is an organization entity that provides of services and goods to customers.

Here are the steps for applying for an official license for a business in Niue.

Information that could be helpful

  • Each licence must have a registered number stamped by the release of any licence, the Licensor will immediately hand over the license to the person who is a business.

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