How to Apply for Calibration of Small and Large Capacity Volume Container In Jamaica

Apply for Calibration of Small and Large Capacity Volume Container In Jamaica By Online

Application In Person

  1. For calibration requests for tests of volume employed in the petroleum industry It is necessary to submit your application to Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ). Check out the BSJ contact details by clicking this hyperlink: Contact BSJ BSJ Contact.
  2. Download the application form for calibration at one of BSJ offices located in Kingstone, Montego Bay, Mandeville, Ocho Rios, or Savanah-La-Ma. You may get the application form by phone or email.
  3. Complete the application form in a timely manner.
  4. Create the supporting documents required and include them on the application form.
  5. Visit the BSJ office to pay the application fee at the cashier. You will then receive the receipt of payment.
  6. Complete the request form in person to the BSJ Official at the service desk . take the acknowledgement receipt for the application.
  7. This application will then be referred by the BSJ metrology department, who can assign an examiner for your application.
  8. The metrology inspector who is assigned to you will inspect the area where the containers for capacity are kept.
  9. The inspector will check and test the container in accordance to the BSJ specifications and will create a written report.
  10. Then, you will be informed of the report of calibration by the BSJ.

Required Documents For Apply for Calibration of Small and Large Capacity Volume Container 

  • Application form.
  • Certificate of registration for business.
  • Other documents that are required from the BSJ.

Office Locations and Contacts

BSJ Office Head Office
Address 6. Winchester Road, PO Box 113, Kingston 10
Tel: (826) 926-3140-5; (826) 632-4275; (876) -618-1534
Fax: (826) 929-4736
– BSJ Contact details

Address UGI Building 1st Floor UGI Building 1st Floor 30-34 Market Street Montego Bay, St. James
Tel: (826) 952-7119

Address: WG WALTERS BUILDING 103 Main Street Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Tel: (825) 795-1965

Address: Shop16 Caledonia Plaza Annex 71/2 Caledonia Road Mandeville, Manchester
Tel: (826) 962-7102

Address: Shop # 15 62 Great Georges Street Savannah-La-Mar P.O. Westmoreland
Tel: (826) 918-1652


  • Both companies and individuals are qualified to apply.


  • Contact the appropriate authority to inquire about fees.


  • It is valid up to a specific time.

Processing Time

  • It will process the application within three days.


  • The testing conducted on the BSJ is conducted using the standard test procedure with calibrated equipment that is which is traceable back to the primary standards.
  • This BSJ test will verify that the product is within acceptable limits of the labels they claim to be and are safe for use.

The Information You Need

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Contact details.
  • Name of Volume test measurement equipment.

The Document is required

  • The BSJ is able to calibrate the different types of equipment in order to guarantee accurate readings and measurements.

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