How to Apply for Certificate of Residence In Uruguay

Apply for Certificate of Residence In Uruguay By Online

  1. Visit the Electoral Court’s office.
  2. Send the necessary documents.

Required Documents For Apply for Certificate of Residence 

  • permission to live in the country
  • Birth certificate
  • Another document that identifies the country origin (marriage certificate passport, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • either private or public documents that show that the applicant has lived in the country for at least 15 years

Office Locations and Contacts

In Montevideo in the Section Legal Citizenship, Ituzaing 1467 in the Ground Floor
Phone: 29154238

Corte Electoral
National Electoral Office

  • Telephone Numbers:
    2915 8950
    2915 8957


Foreigners living in Uruguay.

It is necessary to have the document

Here are the steps in applying for a the certificate of residence for Uruguay. The certificate of residency serves as proof of residency in Uruguay for those who would like to gain an electoral vote, without having to obtain a legal citizenshi

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