How to Apply for Child Allowance In Niue

Apply for Child Allowance In Niue By Online

  1. Complete an application form. The application must be approved by the Director of Community Affairs.
  2. Send the application.


  • Every application is scrutinized by the Director who will determine what amount of the grant is due and, if it is, to who.
  • It is the obligation of each individual to answer all questions asked by the Director regarding the application for a child allowance or the contents of any application for child allowance.
  • To determine the child’s enrollment and attendance, the Director should be able to access the child’s school attendance records if needed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Community AffairsDirector Mr. Faapoi AKSI
Librarian Ms Amanda Heka
Contact: PO Box 77, Alofi, NIUE
Telecommunications (683) 4019
Facsimile (683) 4391


  • A child who qualifies is one who is eligible on a residence basis , as defined under section 7, and is
    • Or a Niuean through descent
    • Permanent resident of Niue or
    • The New Zealand citizen.
  • A child with a qualifying status is eligible to be eligible to apply for an allowance for children at the time of application, is a child.
    • Is normally a resident of Niue;
    • He is not married.
    • Depends on money is financially dependent; and
    • Are you enrolled in a recognized school in Niue

Disabled/disadvantaged persons

  • a disabled/disadvantaged person, who is not required or is unable to attend school shall be eligible for child allowance up to the age of 18 years.
  • The Director on advice of the Welfare Committee shall have sole discretion to determine whether any child comes within the definition of disabled/disadvantaged to such an extent as to qualify for the exemptions referred to herein.

Residence qualifications
The section 8 requirement applies to the applicant and/or child who is the subject of an application who is absence from Niue for longer than 12 months prior to the submission of the application is not entitled to child allowance until six months have passed since the return to Niue.


  • Anyone who is the children of award holders, who as directly a result of having been overseas during the time immediately prior to application is unable to meet the residence requirement set out in section 7 will have no obligation to meet the requirement prior to being able to be a child who is eligible to be a qualified one.
  • In the context of this section, an Award Holder is someone who has completed studies or training abroad that can be beneficial to the Award Holder as well as the development of Niues.


The period allowance is payable

  • Child allowance payable on behalf of a child who is eligible be subject to the provisions of the provisions of this Act begin when the application is accepted by the Director. The allowance will be paid until the day when the child is removed from the school that is recognized as a legitimate one.
  • The allowance is not due for any period prior to the date of the entry into the force in the Act as well as its Regulation.
  • In the event that an applicant’s application gets to the Director prior to the deadline as determined by Director, the allowance will not be paid until the next year.
  • The responsibility lies with the able person to notify Director in writing of any planned absence from Niue for the child or of themselves.
  • Failure to notify to the Director by writing could cause the denial of any future allowances.

Personal allowances are payable to

  • A person who qualifies is an adult parent or guardian who’s application for child allowance has been approved to the director.
  • If not otherwise stated the child allowance is only payable at the expense of the mother of a child who is eligible (whether request for allowance was submitted by the mother, father or a different person).
  • The allowance for children can be given directly to the dad of the child, in the event that
    • A mother has died or has gone permanently to go overseas or has gone to a different family for the rest of their lives without the child
    • The child lives with his father and is under his control and supervision.
  • In all other cases, the Director is able to decide that the child’s allowance must be paid to any individual who has the responsibility and care for the child.
  • A child’s allowance cannot be paid to any person in the event of another allowance being made in another country or received from abroad for the child.

Need to have the Document

Child allowances are payable under the Act for any child who as of January in that year , was considered to be a qualifying kid or becomes qualified prior to or on the 30th June that year.

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