How to Apply for Environmental Impact Assessment in Nigeria

Apply for Environmental Impact Assessment in Nigeria By yourself

  • In order to apply to apply for Environmental Impact Assessment in person applicants must go to at the offices at the Federal Ministry of Environment.
  • Contact information and the address from the Federal Ministry of Environment can be found by clicking this Link
  • Prior to visiting the office to make an application the applicant must make the required payment to complete the application process.
  • To make the payment the person who is applying for the payment should go to the below Link
  • Click the link, search for and select Federal Ministry of Environment from the drop down box.
  • Choose EIA payments by the name of the service. Fill in the form, then click (Proceed to Pay) to generate the RRR reference number.
  • Print the RRR number and take it and present it to any banking institution to make payment. You will have to pay the fees according to the instructions of bank’s official.
  • The receipt of payment should be submitted at the office to obtain the project registration/Notification form.
  • Complete the form according to the requirements with all the necessary information and details in the appropriate fields.
  • Attach the documents specified on the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Then, send the application form along with additional documents to the appropriate official in the office.
  • After receipt of the application and necessary documents, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) will be conducted. site verification of the proposed location The scoping for project, Scoping of projectandEIA review of Terms of Reference will be completed.
  • In addition The EIA study is conducted by gathering baseline environmental data and analysis of laboratory samples that are inspected from the Ministry.
  • In the meantime when physical copies (depending on the category and magnitude) as well as an electronic copy an draft EIA document to the Ministry is required.
  • Following the appropriate submissions and verifications The applicant’s request will be accepted and the decision will be sent to the applicant by an email or telephone.
  • Additionally there is an EIA certificate will be issued , and the person who applies for it can get it at any time.

Required Documents for Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Application completed
  • The proof of payment
  • EIA Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • Comprehensive project proposal
  • Any supporting document (as instructed)

Office Locations and Contacts

Environmental Assessment Dept,Environment House,
Independence Way,
Central Area,
Phone: (+234) 0803 331 6437
Website: Link1 Link2
Google map link
Federal Ministry of Environment,
Mabushi, Abuja,
Google Map Link

What are all the Eligibility

Any contractor from Nigeria that wishes to get the Environmental Impact Assessment, can apply.


Registration fee: N50, 000


  • Draft EIA report is available to the public for review and participation in accordance with the EIA category in which the report has been classified.
  • The draft EIA report is reviewed by an the independent Panel of Experts with relevant regulators (the level of review is based on the type of project).
  • Additionally it is the decision to approve or deny on the EIA on the basis of the Ministry basing it on the suggestions from the independent panel of experts is carried out.

The Information You Need

  • Address and name of the applicant’s address and name
  • Tax Registration Number and the VAT Registration number and TIN
  • Corporate Affairs Commissionregistration number
  • Legacy number
  • Directors’ names
  • Full address and number of phone
  • Mobile number and email address
  • Post box number
  • Name, country key, branch, and address
  • Name of the account and number
  • The details of the project

The Document is required

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is needed whenever an organization in Nigeria is involved in a project that may be negatively impacting the surrounding environment and the surrounding.



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