How to Apply for Formal Sector Social Health Insurance (FSSHIP) in Nigeria

Apply for Formal Sector Social Health Insurance (FSSHIP) in Nigeria by yourself

  1. To apply to the Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Scheme in person, applicants must go to the office of the National Health Insurance Scheme of Nigeria.
  2. Contact information and address information in the next page contact us link
  3. Visit the office and get an application form to apply for Formal Sector Health Insurance from the appropriate department.
  4. Complete the application with the correct information in the relevant sections. Affirm it by signing it after you have completed it.
  5. After filling out your application, be sure you’ve attached all the documents mentioned under the “Required Documents” section of this page.
  6. After that, it should be submitted in person to the appropriate office. Pay the amount as required by the officials.
  7. Following submission of the request, your application along with additional documents can be sent to the examiner and verification process.
  8. After the verification and validation procedures are complete the application will be approved by the authorities and they are now able to complete the steps required to register.
  9. The applicant will be notified via his registered phone or email of the other tasks to be carried out.

Register online Take note Online Registration is currently not working.

  1. To apply to the Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Scheme online, the candidate must visit the online Registration Portal of the National Health Insurance Scheme of Nigeria by clicking the registration link
  2. Select the registration option suitable to your needs and application type and click it to begin your registration.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to provide the required details to complete your registration procedure. Once you have registered, choose the option to apply as suitable.
  4. Make sure you complete the online application following the on-screen directions and submitting the required information for.
  5. Upload the documents as needed and then make the necessary payment by pressing the appropriate buttons and choices.
  6. After filling out the form and paying the fee, complete the application by clicking the Submit button.
  7. Following submission of the request, your application along with the other supporting documents are forward to be examined and verified.
  8. Once the verification and verification procedures are completed The application will then be accepted and officials will then take the necessary steps to register.
  9. The applicant will be informed via the registered email or mobile number about the tasks that need to be completed.

Required Documents for Formal Sector Social Health Insurance

  • The completed application form
  • The Insurance seeker must be able to show proof of age
  • Acceptable Proof of Identity of the Applicant
  • Documentation of Residence
  • Employment or Enrolment Proof
  • Passport size photos (as required)
  • A report of a medical analysis (if needed)
  • Other documents (as as instructed)

Office Locations and Contacts

National Health Insurance Scheme,
Head Office,
Plot 297, ShehuYar’adua Way,
Utako District,
Telephone: 0805-928-2008, 0808-328-0131
Homepage Link to Website Homepage Link
Contact contact information and link
Health Maintenance Organizations
Health Care Professionals

What are all the Eligibility

The employees in the public sector as well as organized private sector organisations employing 10 (10) at least must be enrolled in the Programme.


Contact the officials in the office for fee specifics.

Processing Time

There will be a waiting or processing duration in the 9 (90) day before the participant is able to avail health care services.


  • The applicant may be contacted by anyone of Health Maintenance Organisations or Health Care Professionals in Nigeria of their choice to submit an application.
  • Contact information and addresses of the HMOs and HCPs that are recommended are listed in the “Office Contacts and Locations” section on this page.
  • The applicants are advised to fill in the application form in a neat and thoroughly with complete clarity and accuracy in order to avoid rejection. Additionally, all required documents should be provided fully.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant particulars
  • Identification document number, as well as age
  • Details of the company which is employing in
  • ID number of the employee or student
  • Contact and address details
  • Number of the payment receipt (if there is one)
  • GSM phone number
  • Email address
  • Medical information

Documentation is needed

Participation in the Family Social Health Insurance Scheme is mandatory in the event that a Nigerian employee(belonging to an organization in the public sector or a privately-owned organization)wishes to contribute to the Health Insurance Programme as well as benefiting the employee, as well as their family members, after a specified amount of time.

Information that can be useful

Refer for more information Sector Social Health Insurance Programme



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