How to Apply For Free Zone Developer’s Licence In Uganda

Apply For Free Zone Developer’s Licence In Uganda By Yourself

  • Anyone who wants to apply for a developer’s license should submit a formal application to create a zone of no cost.
The application should include the following information.

  1. Name of the person who developed the zone that is free.
  2. The name”free zone”
  3. The place of the zone of free access
  4. Address of the principal headquarters of applicant’s
  5. The activities to be carried out in the open zone
  6. The time frame during the free zone to be in operation.
  7. The free zone construction terminology along with an excerpt from the urban or spatial planning documents.
  8. The dimension of the zone of free access.
  9. The authorization and operation procedures of the zone that is free.
  • The applicant is then required to visit then the Uganda Free Zone Authority to choose the appropriate application form (1) to obtain a Developer’s Licence
  • Please fill out the application form in accordance with the guidelines set from the Authority. Please provide all the details of the applicant or the business seeking the licence.
  1. The company that acts as a Developer must be registered in Uganda to serve the sole purpose of establishing and operating an open zone.
  • In the application form, give complete details of all directors, including a copies of passports, residence address and identification card for directors of the applicant. Names and contact information of the shareholders, as well as the total value and number of shares as well as the proportion of shares held by the applicants.
  • Bring all the required documents such as area of the land, capital requirements, and projected costs for the project and the where the project area is located. for.
  • Applicant must submit the following information to support the application:
  1. Financing that outlines sources of capital needed for the project.
  2. The type that financing takes e.g. credit and loan/loan sources and the the amount.
  3. Indicate if the capital paid-up is foreign or local (name sources for the nation)
  4. A written statement from a bank or financial institution attesting the ability of the project’s sponsors to manage the zone development must be included.
  • Inform the public about the concept that is proposed to create the Free Zone i.e. the kind of activities to be conducted within the zone, including physical planning, such as industrial structures, serviced plots, security services for the zone garbage collection, phone services, secretarial services containers handling, landscaping facilities for firefighting as well as street lights e.t.c.
  • The applicant, after providing details regarding the concept proposal must add a masterplan to the application form prior to submission. The applicant must also
  1. Indicate the land’s ownership, and include proof of ownership.
  2. Include any other Free Zones licences that are held by the developer, and attach the proof of ownership, whether current or past.
  3. Please also indicate the method you plan to use to promote the area. It could be publication and distribution, taking part in trade shows or investment workshops, seminars e.t.c.
  4. On receipt of an application after receipt, the Authority must scrutinize the application to ensure that all required documents are readily available for the application to be processed.
  • If, after reviewing an application in accordance with the sub-regulation (1) If the Authority determines it to be insufficient If it finds that the application is not complete, the Authority must ask the applicant to supply additional details or provide clarification of the information provided.
  • The Authority will within three months of receiving an application or other details, review and draft an exhaustive report in relation of the application, to allow the process on the request.
  • After reviewing the application and report after which the Authority could grant the person the right to use their license or issue a licence.


  1. The decision on whether to issue a licence or not must be made within 15 days of the time that the report has been submitted.
  2. If the Authority decides not to grant a license, the notice pursuant to subsection (7) must be accompanied by the reasons behind the decision.
  3. The amount of money provided for financing must be equal to the cost of the project.

Required Documents For Apply For Free Zone Developer’s Licence

  • Infrastructural Documentary Requirements
  • Maps and Plans.
  • Map of the location with the immediate surrounding area
  • The layout of the infrastructure on-site, including roads, water pipes, sewer pipes, and areas occupied by these infrastructure
  • Design Features
  • Road Reserves
  • Access to (also known as carriageway) (Linear Measurements)
  • The Arterial (access to carriageway) 24.0m
  • Access road to the inside 20.0m
  • Access to minor 15.0m
  • Back lanes and side roads 9.0m
  • Power Requirements – List the estimated power consumption required in the form of KVAs.
  • Water Requirements – Mention your estimated consumption of water in cubic meters per day.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Free Zones Authority6th Floor, Communications House.
Plot 1 Colville Street
P.O.Box 37878 Kampala
T: +256 (0) 417 722600
Website:Uganda freezone Authority


  • Any free zone developer which is registered in Uganda with the sole intention of establishing and operating an open zone is considered eligible.
  • Local and foreign companies are able to receive a permit to establish and manage in a Free Zone subject to the following conditions:
  1. The business must be registered or formed with the sole intention of establishing and operating an Free Zone in Uganda;
  2. The company should have a sufficient equity base with access to funds that will enable it to create an Free Zone or to operate in the Free Zone or operate in a Free Zone; and
  3. The actions of the projects that the Operator or Developer seeks the Free Zone’s License must be economically viable and built on a sound and reliable Business Plan.


Developer’s license fee: USD $250.


Valid for 5 years.

Examples of Documents


(a)Name of the Company that is developing the Free Zone
(b) Date of Incorporation/Registration of the company in Uganda _____________
(c) Physical Address of Registered Office
Plot ________________________________________________
Street ________________________________________________
City ________________________________________________
(d) Telephone Number_____________________________________
(e)Email Address_________________________________________


The name of the Shareholder(s)
The Physical Address Number for shares (%)


(a) Company Name _________________________________________
(b) Contact Person ________________________________________
(c) Full Address _________________________________________
(d) Telephone Number _____________________________________
(e) Email Address _______________________________________

C. PARTICULARS of the proposed free zone
(a) Nom of the Free Zone
(b) Location___________________________________
(c) The size of the the Free Zone (in the form of acres/hectares)
____________________________________ (Attach copies of Land Title and Site Development Plan of the Free Zone)
(d)If the land is being developed, specify the size of the constructed area and indicate the details of the following:

i)Security fence or wall (Height in meters)
I) Industrial Buildings and Offices
Iii) Warehouse Storage facilities
IV) Parking Area
v)Public lavatories
vi)Access Road and any other transport facilities in the Zone
VIII) Effluent Treatment Facility
x) Water Supply and Drainage facility

ICT connectivity) ICT connectivity
The xii) Customs Verification Bay and Tools
(xiii) Flood lights
xiv Firefighting facility
(xv) CCTV System
xvi) Stock Management System (Indicate whether automated or manual)
(xvii) Office space Customs
(e) The time during that it is expected that the Free Zone will be in operation (in years)
I ………………………………………………………………………, hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, that all the particulars furnished in this Application are true and indemnify the Authority of any misrepresentation, omissions or any information that may in future prove to be false.

Signature of Director

The name and signature of applicant

Processing Time

Processing can take up to 4 months.


A free zone can only be set up in a specific building or in an area that has been declared as a free zone by the Minister conformity Regulation 4. Regulation 4.

The Information You Need

  1. Name of the person who is applying
  2. Organization/ company name
  3. Contact number
  4. Contact email
  5. Addresses for postal mail
  6. Male/Female
  7. Application deadline
  8. The duration of the program
  9. Accreditation Council
  10. Funding source.
  11. Course evaluation form
  12. The area of your practice.

Information that could be helpful

  • Anyone who wants to establish an area that is free of charge must be able to, on the advice of the Authority make an application to the Minister for permission to declare a specific building or land area in Uganda to be a zone of no cost.
  • A free zone could be created by a local or foreign developers.
  • When several developers set up an open zone The developers must enter into an agreement for the creation in the area.
  • A license granted to a developer is subject to conditions that the Authority may deem appropriate.
  • Any conditions that are included, they exist will be printed to the licence, and constitute a part of the licence.
  • The licence should specify the date at which the developer must begin the process of development that in all instances is not more than 12 months following the date of receiving the licence.
  • When a licensed developer is not able to begin development work within the free zone for 12 months, the licensee must make an application to the Authority for an extension of time to begin development activities.
  • A request for an extension of time in accordance with regulation (2) should be submitted in Form 4 within the Schedule.
  • The Authority must in writing, within 30 days of receiving the application as per regulation (2) decide whether to grant the extension request or reject the application.
  • A request for an the extension of time for beginning development work can be granted only by the Authority in good faith for a second time period of 12 months.

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