How to Apply for Identity Card(First Time) In Uruguay

Apply for Identity Card(First Time) In Uruguay By Online

  • The application process can be completed in person, through Collection Agencies or via the Internet either by the proprietor or a third-party. Management is to be performed in the hands of the proprietor. If the person applying for the permit is younger than 14 years old, it should be supported by an adult with a the Schedule Identity force. For foreigners, they must be accompanied by a person of up to 18-year-old so that they can complete the required notices.
  • Go to the authority that you are interested in, that includes The Ministry of Interior, National Civil ID. Ministry of Interior, National Civil ID.
  • In other cases you can request an online hearing by clicking the following link
  • Complete the application form by providing all the information needed.
  • Send the required documents.
  • Pay the fee as prescribed.

Required Documents Apply for Identity Card(First Time) 

  • If you were born in the country
    • Certificate of birth (less than 30 calendar days old))
  • If national Uruguayan Law 16,021
    • Birth Certificate Testimony from the father or mother , and included in Part Testimony of Aliens in the Uruguayan Civil Registry Section
    • The game is not registered the provisional ballot ( with vencimineto for a year ) by presenting the nacimineto Parting Testimony of Mother or Father and the eastern portion of Country of Origin Eng Apostille and translated by an authorized translator, who is registered with the DNIC (listed in the Office of Management Docuemtal) If the case is.
    • Testimony or failing to start father or mother or Certificate of Consular or registration ( the Country of Origin)
  • If you’re abroad and you have legal residence papers that permit your stay (except For Asylum Seekers or Diplomatic Representatives)
    • The Birth Certificate Testimony is that is registered with the Civil Registry Section Foreigners Uruguay and Residence Certificate (issued by the National Directorate of Immigration)
    • Failure to present the necessary documentation could result in issuance of a temporary identity cards that is valid for a year with a Certificate of Residence as well as departure of Country of Origin Certificate Apostille or Consular
  • If they live overseas and the process is based on their residence National Directorate of Immigration shall issue a proof of residence as a result of this The Testimony Beginning Birth is recorded at foreigners Section in the Civil Registry Uruguayan or otherwise part of a Country of Origin Apostille or Consular Certificate and it will be issued a temporary residency card with a pending expiration date (the first card has a validity of two years and the second and third will be for a one-year period)
  • If in a foreign country, with a Mercosur Residency Certificate and Temporary Residence Certificate must present Residency and Birth Certificate which is recorded in the Civil Registry Uruguayan Foreign Section and issue an official charter for the duration that is approved by Immigration. If you do not have the official identification card will be issued a temporary for a year, with a Certificate of Residence and Departure Country of Origin Certificate Apostille or Consular.
  • If you are in Uruguay and have deonde the Migration Certificate Requests a Provisional Identity Card will be issued as a temporary ID card, you must provide a proof of migration and a Testimony of Birth Certificate that is registered with the Civil Registry Section Aliens Uruguayan or failing Part of Country Leave Certificate The Apostille and Consular.

Office Locations and Contacts

In Montevideo
National Headquarters Civil ID
Corner 665
Telephone from 1523701 to 1523703 (inquiries only for documents)
The processing time for the application are Monday to Friday between 700 and 1200, and 1300 to 1800.
The delivery schedule is Monday through Friday, from 800 to 1600.
Hospital Pereira Rosell (getting the for the first time)
Br Artigas 1550
At the top of Pereira Rossell Hospital, manages this facility without hearing prior to.
In the case of the remaining cases, personally visit Headquarters (Corner 665) at specified times as well as request hearing resolve the case within cases involving the Hospital Pereira Rossell. You can also request Networks Collections, E and CAC
The time required to process the document ranges from 900 to 1500 hours.
Urgent Issues are not addressed
Common Issues The duration is dependent on demand


For normal processing, .26 readjustable units. For rush processing, .52 readjustable units.

Processing Time

  • For children who are younger than 5 years old the certificate is issued on the date and, for children older than five years, the certificate is given within 5 business days after the processing.

Need to have the Document

This page provides details on how you can get an identification card an initial time to Uruguay. It’s a national document that can be used to identify an individual.

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