How to Apply for Industrial Training Fund Registration (New Employer) in Nigeria

Apply for Industrial Training Fund Registration (New Employer) in Nigeria by yourself

  • To apply to an application to the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) You must submit your application through ITF’s ITF local office. Check out the ITF area offices’ contact information on the following link: – ITF Area Offices.
  • Download the ITF employer registration form by clicking this URL: – Form A.
  • Fill out the application form in the correct manner and attach the necessary documents supporting the application form.
  • Find the closest ITF local office to submit the complete application and additional documents to the official at the desk of service.
  • Your company will then be evaluated for responsibility through ITF Revenue and Inspectorate as well as Compliance officers.
  • Following the assessment process, you’ll generate the Required Ratio of Return (RRR)through the ITF Pay-portal or Remitta platform.
  • Once you have generated the RRR, visit the bank to pay for the contribution to training and get the receipt for payment.
  • After that, you must submit the receipt for payment in the ITF office to be filed and you will receive the hard duplicate of the receipt as well as an acknowledgement of the payment.
  • ITF Area Office ITF Area Office will then forward your information as stated in your form to headquarters’ Revenue, Inspectorate, and Compliance Department to be issued of an ITF National Number.
  • This ITF National Number will then be delivered into the Area Office for Scripting and the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Then , a certificate of conformity is issued to prove your compliance in accordance with The ITF Act.

Required Documents for Industrial Training Fund Registration

  • Complete the application form
  • The corporate Affairs Commission’s Certificate of Incorporation.
  • True copies of certified replicas of the business’s Audited Account.
  • The tax Clearance.
  • Receipt for payment.

Office Locations and Contacts

Industrial Training Fund (ITF) HeadquartersAddress:Along Miango Road,
P.M.B 2199 Jos,
Plateau State.
Training: 08060625143
Training Contribution Training Contribution
SIWES: 08023529251
Public Relations Public Relations
Offices of the ITF Region

What are all the Eligibility

Employers who have at least five employees within their establishment, or with no more than 5 employees, but having the turnover of N50m and over can apply.


The application is completely free.


The amount is valid for a year.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form 7A

Processing Time

The application process is completed after three business days.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the establishment.
  • Business Address.
  • Postal Address.
  • E-mail Address.
  • Telephone Number.
  • Nature of Business.
  • What year was the business established?
  • Employees details.
  • The year’s training contributions concluded.
  • Branch details.
  • Declaration.

Need to have the Document

The compliance certificate proves you’ve contributed in accordance with the law.

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