How to Apply for International Driver Permit In Morocco

Apply for International Driver Permit In Morocco By Online

The process for applying is the same whether want to apply for an internationally issued driver’s license as well as renewing one. Start by obtaining your the driving license and you will be required to follow all steps to obtain the License.

The application must be supported by
  • (a) A valid current, valid Moroccan driving license or full and valid driving permit issued by another country.
  • (b) Passport photo with the signature on the reverse
  • (c) The fee that is appropriate

If you’re from other country and hold an official driving license from your country of origin in addition, you will be required to submit the original utility invoice (i.e. an electricity gas, telephone or electricity bill) that shows where you live in Morocco. In addition, you’ll need to sign a statement of your residency on the application form. To rent an automobile in Morocco you must be at least 23 years old and hold your license for two years (this will vary depending on the supplier).

Morocco Driving Distances, and Recommended speed
  • Rabat to Tangier 258kms (2hours/30mins)
  • Marrakesh to Agadir 238kms (2hours/20mins)
  • Casablanca to Fez 324kms (3hours/20mins)

Required Documents For Apply for International Driver Permit

  • Copy of the Original Drivers license.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Embassy
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Two passport photos.
  • Letter of inquiry from the sponsoring organization.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Kingdom of Morocco Kingdom of Morocco

Ministry of Equipment and Transport


18 (18) years old and over.


1.An applicant must possess an Moroccan driver’s license of nationality;

2.You must always carry your driving license, even if you hold an international driving license while traveling abroad, since you could have to show this license to be inspected.

3.Applicants must have a sound mind.

4.In the application form the applicant should provide reasons why they want to apply to get the International Drivers Permit.

5.Each internationally issued driving licence is valid for one year from the date of the issue.

6.You need to have a valid driving license that is valid in the country of your residence.

7. In Morocco takes place on the right side of the road.

8. Seat belts are required when driving on a rental vehicle in Morocco are required.

9. The usage of mobile phones when driving is not permitted except for an hands-free device.

10.Drivers are required to carry, at all times the driver’s licence as well as registration and insurance papers.


  • Stations for petrol in Morocco are accessible everywhere, even the tiniest of villages. It costs around the same price as the UK.

The Information You Need

1.Attach 2 recent, signed Passport

2. Name of the applicant

3.Name of the nation in which it is intended that the International Driving Permit is intended to be utilized.

4.Applicants passport number

5. Passport Type Photos with photos signed on the back)

6. Enclose permit fee

Documentation is needed

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is an identification document that permits the holder to drive a motor vehicle privately anywhere in the world that accepts IDPs. If you’re planning to travel overseas and would like to drive in a different country, you’ll likely need an international driver’s permit. To be valid the IDP must be issued with an authentic driving licence issued by Morocco. The issuing of (IDP)Permit is limited to individuals aged 18 or older with an active Moroccan driving permit.This kind of permit is valid for a year. Not renewable. The certificate must be issued within 6 months from the date of application.

Information that could be helpful

  • Parking meters are located along the main streets in Morocco They are in effect for between 1 and two hours.
  • Parking garages are available for those who travel with a car rental in Marrakech as well as other cities within Morocco.
  • Parking zones are monitored by gardiens of cars dressed wearing distinctive blue coats.
  • In a growing number of major cities Parking tickets are distributed through the blue machines on curbsides.
  • The parking on the streets of Morocco has no cost on Sundays.

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