How to Apply for Marriage License in Nigeria

 Apply for Marriage License in Nigeria by yourself


  • To apply for a Marriage License in person, applicants need to go to in the Office of Federal Marriage Registry.
  • The contact information and address for the Marriage Registries can be found in the following information about the address.
  • Visit the office to obtain an application form to notify the couple of their wedding that is to take place.
  • Check to see if you have all the documents you need on the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Fill out the notice of Marriage including the necessary information of you and your spouse as well as wedding under the specific sections.
  • Submit the application form to the authority responsible at the office.
  • You must pay the amount of fees, as instructed by officials.
  • The day of the ceremony of taking oath the couple concerned must go to the chosen Marriage Registry with a witness either side (please keep in mind that this is not gender specific) to swear oath.
  • Also, you should take two wedding rings (male as well as female) or a Quran/Bible depending on the situation.
  • After the oath-taking ceremony is completed After the ceremony is completed, the of Marriage Registrar of Marriage registers the marriage in the official record.
  • Then, the person sends an official copy of the Registrar’s Certificate on form C, to the place where the wedding ceremony was held.
  • Additionally, the applicant will be informed by email or phone to get an official certificate at the Registry.

Register online

  • To apply for a Marriage License online, the applicant must visit the ECITIBIZ portal of the Ministry of Interiors, Nigeria by clicking on the following web-based application button
  • If you already have an account then you are able to enter your information for the user, then go to “Log into” and continue. If you don’t, click the “New user registration” below, and then select to select the “Personal account (Marriage)” option in the “Personal” tab on the next screen.
  • Click the “register right now” button. Registration page will appear, you need to enter all the information required choose the check box and then click the “Register” option. The account preview will be shown after which you can scroll down until you hit the “Proceed” to proceed.
  • A confirmation message will be issued to your email address You must open the email, then click”click here. “click here” link to activate your account. In the confirmation email message, “click here” link will appear and you can click it to continue.
  • The login page will be displayed Log in again following the directions mentioned previously. After you have logged in, click on the “Marriage” tab, then select the “overview” choice.
  • You can look up the kinds of marriages that are permitted according to the Marriage Act of Nigeria and the description of the services offered to couples by the Ministry of Interior through the website which opens.
  • Click on then on the “Requirements” option in the same tab, where you will find the necessary conditions to meet in order to be eligible for marriage. In accordance with the requirements listed you must prepare the documents that will be uploaded.
  • Once you’ve been cleared of the necessary requirements Once you have completed the process, click on “Prohibited Degree of Relationship” option on the same tab. This will reveal the allowed degree of marriage.
  • Take your time reading it and ensure that you don’t fall within any of those levels.
  • Select the “fees information” option to find information about the amount of fees that must be made online.
  • After you have completed all the steps to be completed and have scans of all documents required and the appropriate amount to make payments online you can proceed to submit your application for Marriage by selecting the “Apply to Marriage (New Couple)” option on the “Marriage” Tab.
  • Choose the location in which you would like to have your wedding ceremony by selecting the option in the dialog box that is displayed on screen. Then, click the “Proceed” click.
  • On the next screen on the next page, you need to on the next page, click the “Apply” button next to the marriage type you would like to be a part of. A confirmation window will pop up. Select the “Ok” click to continue or click the “Cancel” click to end the process.
  • The online application page will open. Complete all fields in different sections , filling in information as needed and making selections according to your preference.
  • You’ll need to give your preference for wedding ceremony under ‘Marriage Details and provide the information of the male spouse , and upload the documents required for the husband using the “Upload” button, which is located under “Husband details.
  • In the same way, you can complete the ‘Wife information’ section by filling in the details of your female spouse and uploading the necessary documents for your wife by clicking the “Upload” click.
  • When you’re done, click the “Proceed” button. This will display a warning dialog. Then, read the warning and then click the “Submit” button only if it is confirmed that you will be able to conduct your wedding in the 90-day period of the date you have requested.
  • In other cases, click “Save for draft” button to save the application in draft form and then you can pay as per your preference.
  • The application’s summary will be displayed. Go through it once and if you find you find any errors you need to click the “back” button in order to edit the application or alternatively, make sure you check the declaration box after you have read the declarations, and then click the “Proceed to pay” button.
  • A Payment Summary will appear with two options for payment. If you would like to pay via an ATM or a POS select the “Pay via the Bank, or POS” radio button, then click the “Proceed” click.
  • Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) also known as an electronic invoice is generated using which you can pay through the banking institution or at POS. Scroll down, and then click the “Print” button to print the invoice.
  • If you wish to pay via the internet, select “Online Pay” radio button, then click “Pay” option. The payment gateway will be open. Follow the screen instructions to enter your card information and complete the online payment according to the applicable.
  • A transaction ID online, or a printed receipt for online transaction is generated. This acts as a evidence of payment.
  • After paying, the couple must be taken to the Marriage Registry with a witness on either side (please keep in mind that this is not gender-specific) to take the oath the time of the oath chosen when filling out the application.
  • Also, bring two wedding rings (male or female) or a Quran or Bible depending on the situation.
  • After the oath ceremony is completed after the ceremony, the of Marriage Registrar of Marriage registers the marriage in the official record.
  • Then, the person sends the Registrar’s Certificate on Formula C. It is then sent to the office in which the wedding was held.
  • In addition, the person applying will be notified by email or phone to get their certificate through the registry.

Documents Required For Marriage License

ORDERLY MARRIAGE: (Male and female)

  • Certificate Birth/Age Declaration
  • Passport photos (as required)
  • Applicable Proof of Single status (Bachelorhood/Spinsterhood Certificate or Sworn Affidavit from Law court)
  • Affidavit/valid proof of marriage (already married)
  • The proof/decree of absolute Divorce (divorcees)
  • Certificate of death of former spouse (widow/widower)
  • A copy of the Annulment Order from the court (where it is applicable)
  • Sworn Affidavit for possession by Child/Children (if you are a single parent with children)

Special Marriage: (Male and Female)

  • Certificate Birth/Age Declaration
  • Passport photos (as required)
  • Applicable Proof of Single status (Bachelorhood/Spinsterhood Certificate or Sworn Affidavit from Law court)
  • Affidavit/valid proof of marriage (already married)
  • Prove absolute or absolute divorce (divorcees)
  • Certificate of death of former spouse (widow/widower)
  • Evidence of an annulment from the court (where it is applicable)
  • Sworn Affidavit to prove possession of child/children (if you are a single parent with children)
  • Identification/Indigene Letter from State of Origin (Nigerians only)
  • The International Passport Information Page (people living in other countries)
  • Welcome Passport Stamp Page (people living overseas)
  • Residence Permit (people who reside outside of the country)

Refer to the site for specifications

Office Locations and Contacts

Citizenship & Business Department,Ministry of Interior
Room 104 and 123,
Block F Old Federal Secretariat,
Area 1,
Phone: +234 (0) 700 009 9999
Homepage link for website home page link

Federal Marriage Registries Location link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone Nigerian who lives in Nigeria or in another country and who wishes to marry a legal union with one of the Nigerian or Non-Nigerian in Nigeria may apply.
  • Two non-Nigerians who reside in Nigeria and who wish to get married in Nigeria in accordance with the law on marriage that is enacted by the Nigerian government can also apply.
  • The relationship between the couple should not be categorized under the Prohibited Degree of Relationship as defined in Nigeria’s Government. Nigerian Government.


Special Wedding Special Wedding 25,000.00
Ordinary Wedding Ordinary Marriage 15,000.00


The marriage certificate is valid until marriage is annulled.

Processing Time

Special Wedding The wedding is held for 7 days
Wedding Ordinary: 21 Days


  • Be aware it is important to note that, for Licensed Place of Worship Selection The Form C must be created electronically after the application has been accepted.
  • The Registrar of Marriage transmits a copy this Form C (Registrar’s certification for Marriage) at the relevant Licensed Place of Worship which can be taken by the person applying afterward.
  • Check that your State/LGA registry has been authorized from the Ministry of Interior. In the event that it is not licensed, your State/LGA registration is not accessible for registration.
  • Any changes in date (either prior to the previously chosen date or following the previously chosen date) must be reported at the time of the registration to the official registrar. Marriage no less than five (5) working days.
  • After you have paid for your marriage be aware that the wedding payment is valid for 90 days. If the marriage is not completed within this time the couple will have to make a fresh payment in order to complete your wedding.
  • Please be aware it is not allowed to wear short sleeves or shorts., and jeans are not permitted. Don’t be late to ensure that you don’t run out of time.

The Information You Need

  • The names of the couples
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Email addresses for email
  • Date, Place, and Registry as well as the time, and the date and time of marriage
  • Date of Birth and the Place of Birth of the couple
  • LGA, Country and State and LGA
  • Identification identification number
  • Details of parents’ jobs and occupations
  • Information about banks

The document is needed

It is essential to record a marriage that takes place inside Nigeria by registering it with an official from the Citizenship Department of Ministry of Interior.

Information that could be helpful

There are certain levels of marriage relationships that are not allowed in the Nigerian Marriage Law which are as follows:
A MAN SHOULDN’T marry his:

  • Mother
  • Daughter
  • Father’s Mother
  • Son’s Daughter
  • Sister
  • The Mother of the wife’s partner
  • Daughter of the spouse
  • The wife of the father
  • Father’s wife, the father of his children
  • Mother of Wife’s Sister’s Mother
  • Daughter of the wife’s daughter
  • Son’s son’s wife
  • The mother of the husband’s father.
  • The Sister of Father
  • Mother’s Sister
  • The Daughter of a Brother
  • Sister’s Daughter

A woman should not marry her:

  • Father
  • Son
  • Father’s Father’s
  • Daughter’s Son’s
  • Brother
  • The father of Husband’s husband
  • Mother’s Husband
  • The Husband of Daughter’s Daughter
  • Husband and Daughter’s Daughter
  • The Husband’s Father is Mother’s
  • Father’s Brother
  • Son of a Sister
  • Brother’s Son
  • Mother’s Brother
  • Father’s Son
  • Sister’s Son

Brother’s Son

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