How to Apply for MIC ( Investment Commission) Permit or License In Myanmar

Apply for MIC ( Investment Commission) Permit or License In Myanmar By Online

  1. To apply for an MIC permits or license,, the applicant must make contact with to the Myanmar Investment Commission.
  2. An investment proposal should be made for approval by the MIC.
  3. Investment panel members will review the proposal, and could either accept or deny it within a 15-day timeframe.
  4. After the proposal is accepted, the commission will examine the proposal and decide whether to choose to approve or decline to issue an MIC license or permit within 90 days.
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Office Locations and Contacts

Myanmar Investment Commission,Head Office Yangon,
No.1, Thitsar Road, Yankin Township, Yangon.
Contact: 01 658 143
Contact information is on the bottom of the P


An investment permit granted to numerous benefits and therefore is suggested for investments with greater risk. The most important ones are described in this article:

  • Foreign investors can rent land out on a long-term basis.
  • Tax incentives for tax-payers.
  • Permits to stay, technicians and experts from abroad are available for appointment.
  • Businesses are not nationalized during the time of investment.
  • There is no business suspension prior to the expiration date of the allowed time.

The document is needed

To apply for an Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) Permit or License the applicant has to get in touch with for the Myanmar Investment Commission in Myanmar.

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