How to Apply for National Insurance Number (NIS) In Barbados

Apply for National Insurance Number (NIS) In Barbados By Online

  1. To be registered for Barbados’ National Insurance Scheme in the Barbados Please contact the office addresses listed below. The contact information are listed on the website : Contact Information
  2. Be sure to are carrying the documents required which are listed under the Essential Documents section on this page. This page is for identification.
  3. After you’ve registered, you’ll receive an National Insurance Registration Card with your National Insurance number on it within a couple of weeks.

Required Documents For Apply for National Insurance Number (NIS) 

  • Identification Document (Passport, Barbados ID card, Original Birth Certificate)

Office Locations and Contacts

The following link gives contact details and office locations for offices to be contacted to inquire about the National Insurance Scheme : Contact Information

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