How to Apply For Obtain a Tax Credit Certificate in Egypt

Apply For Obtain a Tax Credit Certificate in Egypt

The withholding agent has to access the Egyptian Tax Authority web portal through then

  • logins for the account Egyptian Tax Authority y account (using the TIN in conjunction with the account password),
  • Select to generate a tax credit certificate from the drop-down menu for e-services accessible on the left side.
  • is a way to create TCC that can be used by multiple payees,
  • Provide the return number and the time that you will click to look for all the information to be completed,
  • Click on all and then fill in the following information if you want at creating TCC for one payee.
  • Time of Return, name/tin of the payee Return number
  • You will then be able to look up the details of the tax payer who is in a position to create TCC once you’ve created TCC you will receive an email that confirms it was issued successfully. A self-generated message is sent to the recipients along and a picture of TCC The message generated by the auto is sent to the recipient by adding the TCC and the agent or tax payer who is withholding can access his login (TIN and password) and then look through the messages received to view TCC.

documents that must be needed

  • A certified copy of the Identity Document for the taxpayer (or Passport document.
  • Document of identification/passport
  • Affidavit of the justification of inability to produce an identity document or passport along alongside the identity document or passport.
  • Bank Statement proof stamped with an official stamp from the bank. This serves as document proving the name of the account holder, as well as the number of account, the type of account, branch code and type
  • Proof of residential address e.g utility bill or municipal accounts of a person less than 3 months old , with the address and name that the home is located at.

Office Contacts and Locations

Egyptian Tax Authority

Website: http//

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance Towers Nasr City.

Extension of Ramsis Street,

Abbassiya, Cairo

Tel: +20 2 2342 8886;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8010;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8032;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8830;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8840



How to Apply For Obtain a Tax Credit Certificate in Egypt
How to Apply For Obtain a Tax Credit Certificate in Egypt

What are all the Eligibility

An agent for tax who withholds taxes must create and then present tax credit certificate. Tax Credit certificate to the paying party.


Free of cost

Tax rates that apply on the annual gross income of individuals are:

  • Over LE 5000 at 20.000 10 percent. 20.000 10-percent.
  • From LE 20,000 to LE 40000 15 .
  • Greater than LE 40000, and up to LE 10,000,000/20 percent.
  • More than LE 10,000,000: 25% more than LE 10,000,000 The rate is 25 25%


It is valid for one calendar year.

Processing Time

One day, but there’s no set date for this service.


You must sign in to your account on the Egyptian Tax Authority website to create a Tax Credit Certificate and issue it to the person paying

What You Are Looking For

  • Login ID
  • Password
  • return date
  • The nature of the payment
  • Tin
  • Return number
  • Nom of person who pays (Note that all refunds are handled online)

It is required

A person who needs to hold tax on a transfer to a payer must pay the tax held at the Egypt Tax Authority Authority and file a tax credit return prior to the due date. The tax agent responsible for withholding has to generate an tax Credit certificate directly to the payer. The Payee who is registered will be given an official copy of the Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) via a Received Message on your account on the Egyptian Tax Authority web portal.

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