How to Apply for Passport In Ireland

Apply for Passport In Ireland By Online

  • It isn’t it is possible to get the Irish passport on the internet. Additionally, it’s not available to obtain the form that you must fill out.
  • If you’re an Irish citizen and live within the state, it is recommended to complete form APS 1. The forms can be found in every Garda Station as well as on every Post Office that displays the “Service Plus” logo.
  • If you’re an Irish citizen who lives within Northern Ireland or outside Ireland and you’re seeking the Irish passport, you must complete the form APS 2. The Application form through the Irish consulate or embassy of the country in which you reside (or the nearest consulate or embassy). This Passport Express service including forms is offered through specific UK Post Office branches in Northern Ireland.
  • If you receive the application form, be sure to take a look at the notes that are included within it, in order to assist you finish your application on time.
  • Since January 1, 2011, all adults who are applying to apply for an Irish passport for the first time have to include all required documents along with their application.
  • You may also be asked to provide additional information or be present for an interviews.


If you are unable present a general photo ID, you’ll have to sign a declaration of identity and get it verified. The identity certificate can be sent to the applicant upon receiving the passport request. The certificate will contain the details that are preprinted, including your photo for application. The certificate must be signed by someone on the list of individuals who are acceptable to the Passport Service for this purpose and who personally knows you personally.

Where do I apply

  • If you are applying from outside the State, make use of Passport Express. Apply at the nearest Service Plus Post Office. The application in person at an Passport Office should only be carried out by those who have urgent travel plans, or the need to travel due to a emergency for the family.
  • If you are applying from outside the State, you must send your completed application to the closest Irish consulate or embassy, or submit it to the closest Post Office that is a participant in the Norther Ireland Post Office if you are using Passport Express.

Required Documents For Apply for Passport

  • Two photographs, of which have to be signed by an witnesses in accordance with the directions included on the application form.
  • The birth certificate you received
  • Your civil marriage certificate, if appropriate

The proof of your entitlement to Ireland


  • The applicant must also possess the qualifications of being an Irish citizen to get an Irish passport.

You are entitled to obtain a passport when you are at least 18 years old. If you’re under the age of 18 years old, you must have the approval by both of your parents, or guardian(s) in writing to obtain your personal passport.


  • It is necessary to possess the qualifications of being an Irish citizen to get an Irish passport.
  • You can get a passport if are over the age of 18. If you’re under the age of 18 years old, you must have the permission from both your parents and guardian(s) in writing to obtain your personal passport.
  • Titles like Mr. Mrs Ms, Dr., Rev. Sir Lord, Lady etc. are not included on Irish passports.
  • If the the name to be recorded on your passport is different from the the name that appears on your birth certificate you have to prove that you have used the name for a minimum of the period of two years. e.g. bank statements, driving licenses or credit card, etc. Two instances of this evidence must be attached along with your application.
  • A passport can be issued in the name of a married couple of the person applying when a certificate of marriage in civil law is presented.

Children’s passports

  • Since the beginning of October 2004, all children, no matter what age, have to get an personal Irish passport under your name. Three-year passports are available for children who are under the age of 3, and five-year passports are also available to children aged 3-17 years old.
  • Children already listed on the passport of their parents which was issued before October 2004 can continue to travel across the globe until the age of 16 along with the parent. However, there are certain exceptions.
  • You can find more details on how to apply for a passport for your child in the passports document for children.

Passport photos

  • Four recent photos that are identical to the passport holder should be attached to each application. Two of these must be signed by the one who has witnessed the application. The witness must include the number of the form that appears at Section 9 on your application form. two photos. If you’re applying from Ireland the person who is witnessing must be an active member or the Garda Sochna. If you’re applying in another country The appropriate categories of witness are indicated in the form of application.

The Information You Need

  • Your full name as stated on the birth certificate, including your maiden name, if applicable.
  • Your birth date and your location of your birth (or the duplicate of the birth certificate)
  • Your current address

Need to have the Document

  • A passport is a internationally recognized document of travel that proves your nationality and identity. you can only get the Irish passport if an Irish citizen. Your passport is a vital legal document. Always, you must ensure that it is stored in a safe place. Every Irish passport has an unique identification number. it is important to keep a record of the number you have in case your passport gets stolen or lost.
  • In addition to allowing travel to other countries in the future, as well as allowing you to travel abroad, your Irish passport also entitles you to certain diplomatic assistance from Irish diplomatic missions abroad in the event that you run into trouble. Although the Irish passport is an internationally recognized passport, it will not automatically grant you the entry into other countries.
  • The Irish passport will be issued by Irish Government by the Passport Office here in Ireland. Irish passports can also be issued by Irish consulates and embassies across the world, and to who you can apply if you reside abroad.
  • Since April 11, 2011, the passport will no longer be available to people aged 65 or over.

Passports exchange

  • It’s no longer feasible to obtain a new passport (e.g. when your passport is damaged or you are got married and wish to change your name on the passport). You will need apply for a new one. Find a document for renewing an Irish passport.

Renewal of the passport

  • If you are applying for an identity card for the first time or renew an existing passport The application form is identical. This Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers an Passport Reminder Service which sends you an email reminder three months prior to the date the date your passport is due to expire. It is necessary to register to use this service.
  • When you request a passport renewal prior to when the expiration date of your current passport the new passport will be valid from the moment you submit your application.
  • Additional information is included in the the document on renewing your Irish passport.

Replacing lost or stolen passports

  • It is impossible to get a replacement passport in the event that you’ve misplaced you Irish passport. Or if it was stolen. Instead, you need to submit a request for new travel documents just as when you applied on your first attempt. The details can be found in an article on how to replace the passport that was stolen or lost.

It is valid for Irish passports

  • Irish citizens traveling to destinations that are not within those of the EU must adhere to particular passport regulations and rules of these countries. For instance that if you travel outside of the EU the passport you carry may require a valid passport for a specified time. The requirements differ from one country to one, so check with the Embassy of the relevant country prior to departure for most current information regarding the requirements. Contact the Embassy directly for advice about the specific requirements of a specific country.
  • All EU citizens are entitled to reside and enter the territory of a country that is a member of the EU for as long as three months. Simply must present a valid passport and identity card of the national; no additional formalities are required. EU countries aren’t able to impose additional requirements regarding the validity and duration for the passport or identity card. This signifies that your ID card does not require been valid for, say 6 months before you can travel to any other EU country.

Machine-readable passports

  • Machine-readable travel documents are one with two typeface lines on lower left of biographical page which are readable by machines. Take a look at the lower part page of the Irish passport (photo page] to see two lines that look like typesetter lines. These lines are composed of numbers, letters and Left angle brackets.
  • If examined, these lines offer the same information as that found on the biographical pages. (The biographical pages is the part of the passport that shows your picture and includes information regarding your name, birth date address, citizenship, etc. ).
  • All passports issued by Passport Offices in Dublin and Cork as well as Cork and the Irish Embassy in London, which comprise more than 90% of passports that are in circulation, can be read by machines.
  • Since June 2005, the United States has required that all Irish passport holders have an electronic passport when traveling into the US. Ireland is one of the 27 countries where passport holders can travel to the US without a visa reasons of business or travel for up to 90 days. If you don’t have an electronic-readable Irish passport, you need to obtain an entry visa to travel to the US.
  • In January of 2009 Irish travelers must have an electronically signed travel authorization (ESTA) prior to embarking on their journey to the US. Additional information is available on the US Embassy’s website.

electronic Passports (ePassports)

  • In October 2006, the Passport Office began the process of issuance of Irish digital passports (ePassport). Electronic passports are the equivalent to a standard machine-readable passport, but with the addition of a tiny embedded circuit, or chip within the page for photos. The chip is secure and saves a digital copy of the photograph and personal information of the person who is holding the passport in the format that appears on the information page of the passport. This permits to use facial recognition technologies in the border control. The chip is equipped with digital signature technology that can verify the authenticity of the information that is stored in the chip.



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