How to Apply for Permanent Residence Permit In Iran

Apply for Permanent Residence Permit In Iran By Online

The residency of foreign nationals in Iran can be classified into two types of residence: temporary residence and permanent residence. Permanent resident is a foreigner who is residing in Iran for a period of time or else, the stay of the foreigner in Iran is only temporary. How to apply for a permanent residency permit.

  • Anyone from outside the country who would like to stay in Iran must fill out and sign the application form for an residence permit within the 8 days of arriving in Iran.
  • Visit the police station of the capital city of the interim or the town that you want to reside to make your application.
  • The required documents must be provided to the agent helping you who will review the authenticity of your documents and confirm your right to live in the country in accordance with the Iranian Law.
  • After verifying the documents and eligibility The agency will then issue the permit within the context of the the right to issue an interim as well as a permanent residency permit, as stated under Article 14 of the Law on the Entry and Residence of Foreign Nationals in Iran, and the same stamp must be attached to the permit to reside.
  • When you are issued a residence permit the officer of the police must transmit a copy application for a residence permission to the station of police or district in which the foreigner(you) lives within the zone of your protection. The relevant Jandarmary or police official has to maintain this document to be able to refer to it in the future.

Please note that

  • Holders of a permanent or temporary residence permit must notify the gendarmerie or city of their workplace or place of residence within eight days of arriving at the residence or assuming new employment in the city or Gendarmerie of their new location in writing.
  • Foreign nationals are required to present the residence permit or other travel documents on the request of law enforcement officials.
  • The issuance of copies of the permit to reside must be in line with the laws applicable to the acquisition of legal rights, attachment and the revocation of stamps.
  • Foreigners must submit an application letter to obtain the residence permit directly “or by the human rights representative of the destination of their visit.
  • Requests from overseas may be submitted to the appropriate Authorities of Iran, visit the closest Iran Embassy to get assistance.
Read Law on the entry and residence of foreign citizens in Iran : residence of the Iranian

Required Documents For Apply for Permanent Residence Permit

  • Application form from
  • Identification documents
  • Additional documents could require the authority issuing them. Authority

Office Locations and Contacts

IRAN’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamic Republic of IRAN
Address: Imam Khomeini Avenue, Tehran,Iran

National Organization for Civil Registration
Address:No 184, Imam Khomeini Street, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+9821)66707131-9
Fax: (+9821)66709333

International Relations (+9821)66746460
Public Relations (+9821)66709666

Iranian Missions Abroad


Permits for permanent residence are granted to a person from outside the country who has selected the country of Iran as their legal place of residence.


Permits for residency are valid for three years, and it is able to be renewed.


  • Permanent residence is granted to an individual from outside the the territory of Iran as the legal location of residence. Otherwise, an individual’s residence as a foreign citizen is considered to be temporary. Temporary and permanent residence permits is issued by the Aliens Affairs Bureau of law enforcers, within 8 days after arriving in Iran.
  • Foreign nationals are not permitted to stay in Iran for longer than the time allowed in the event of being overstayed. offenders will be punished in accordance with the regulations.

The Information You Need

  • ID document
  • Birth certificate

Documentation is needed

  • This document proves you are a legal resident of the country that you are currently residing in.

Foreign nationals are obliged to produce an identity card or any other travel document upon the request of law enforcement officials If they are not able to provide it, it can be liable for legal consequences

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