How To Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Cote Divoire

Apply in-person By Yourself:

  • To apply for an Phytosanitary certificate, applicants must contact for a Phytosanitary certificate through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Contact information is listed beneath under the “office addresses and locations” section.
  • It is necessary to send an application form at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • The request for application should include the details listed below in”required information” section “required data” section.
  • Be sure to are armed with all the documents required which are listed under”Required Documents” on the “Required documentation” section on this page.
  • The applicant should submit the request for application along with all supporting documents in the direction of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Once the request for application has been accepted and processed After the application is processed and accepted, an inspection will be scheduled.
  • If the inspection gives satisfying results, then the candidate is required to pay the fee and then collect the Phytosanitary Certificate from the Phytosanitary inspections at the airport/port

Documents Required Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Written Application request
  • Form for inspection
  • Commercial invoice
  • Checklist for packing
  • Bill of Lading

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Rural and Agriculture DevelopmentBPV Ministry of Agriculture and Rural developmentBPV Abidjan, Abidjan, Immouble CAISTAB,
14eme etage Cote d’Ivoire
Phone: (+225) 20 22 22 60

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A registered exporter or importer


1 FCFA /kg


It is only valid for one consignment or shipment. Any new shipment must be issued an updated Phytosanitary Certificate

Processing Time

10 days (if an analysis of the lab is needed.)

The Information You Need

  • Application type
  • Type of package
  • Production area
  • Country of origin
  • Name of the company registered with the registry and details regarding the product (type of product, quantity destination, kind of packaging ).
  • Transport mode
  • Address
  • Points for entry and exit
  • Batch number

Documentation is needed

The Phytosanitary Certificate can be used to verify that consignments comply with Phytosanitary requirements for import.



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