How to Apply for Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID) in Nigeria

 Apply for Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID) in Nigeria By Yourself

  • In order to apply in the Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID)in person the person who would like to be eligible for the award has to go to at the offices of Federal Scholarship Board of Nigeria or National Universities Commission.
  • Contact and address information are available at the bottom of the Link

  • The address and contact information of the NUC can be found on this Link
  • Visit the office to pick up the application form required to apply to be considered for Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID)from the department concerned. department.
  • After you’ve received an application for admission, fill it with all of the information required and in accordance with your requirements.
  • After filling out your application, be sure to attach all the documents mentioned in the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Make it available to the relevant department located in an office at the Federal Scholarship Board.
  • The applicant will be issued with an application receipt following the mandatory interviews and verification procedures.
  • The application along with the documents submitted will be used for more verification procedures.
  • If all the documentation is ordered and your request is in line with the eligibility criteria that are set by the board or committee The application will be accepted with the applicant being be informed about the approval via email or phone.
  • The board will inform the applicant on the next steps and the tasks to be completed by the applicant.

Documents Required For Apply for Presidential Special

  • The completed application form
  • Institution Admission Letter
  • Proof of Birth
  • Local Government Authority Certificate
  • Transcripts and Certificates of Academic Qualifications
  • The registration form for the course currently in session
  • Yearly Results of Undergraduation
  • Copy of Passport

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Scholarship Board,Plot 245, Samuel Ademulegun Street,
Central Business District
Tel: +2348077884417
Web site Link
Contact Link
Google Map directions Link
Federal Scholarship Board
Nnamdi Azikiwe Expy,
Wuse, Abuja,
Google Map directions Link
National Universities Commission: Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Any post-graduation student in Nigeria who would like to receive the PRESSID award is eligible to apply.
  • The applicant must not be older than 30 years old.
  • The applicant must hold the 1st Class Honours degree from an accredited university.
  • In the case of a medical degree as per the candidate must be able to show at minimum two distinctions in MBBS Parts 3 and 4..


It’s typically done for at no cost.


It is valid for the duration of the duration of the course.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant information
  • Identification number
  • Contact and address information
  • Academic information
  • The student ID card number

Documentation is needed

The Presidential Special Scholarships to Innovation and Development (PRESSID) is awarded to students who have achieved a First Class Honours degrees within their UG and are eligible to be accepted into at any one of the leading 28 universities around the world.

Information that could be helpful

  • The study area should be in the Natural sciences, Medicine, and related courses, environmental sciences, Geology, Petroleum related courses, Social sciences International Relations, Law and Languages, among others.
  • A Ministerial delegation of high-level conducts a Verification Exercise to check the academic performance, welfare, and financial documents of PRESSID and EX-Corps Scholars in the United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Europe and Canada.
  • Additionally, students have issues that remain unresolved regarding their scholarships. During these visits , necessary counseling and assistance is offered. Meetings with partners from the countries visited are conducted and all the necessary documents that will aid in the process of implementing scholarships in Nigeria are as well procured.



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