How to Apply for Refugee Passport In Malta

Apply for Refugee Passport In Malta By Online

  1. Obtain the Application Form A from any of these: the Passport Office, the Police Stations, Local councils or Travel Agencies.Form A:
  2. How to Apply for Refugee Passport In Malta
    How to Apply for Refugee Passport In Malta
  3. Complete and fill in your application on.
  4. A sponsor or a recommender. The person you choose to recommend must be a professional (or the priest) who has had contact with you for more than two years.
  5. Your recommender or sponsor must fill in the appropriate section of the application form.
  6. Fill out the application form and send it in the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS).
  7. Take the ID Card to prove your identity as well as the Certificate of Refugee , issued by the Commission of Refugees.
  8. Take a photograph (biometric face image) as well as fingerprints recorded.
  9. Pay the fee for passport applications.
  10. Take your passport back after 4 (4) work days. You must bring your identity card.

Required Documents For Apply for Refugee Passport

  • Completed application form
  • ID card
  • Certificate of Refugee (issued by the Commission of Refugees)
  • If you’re applying to minors:
    • the application form is completed and completed by both parents
    • Two identical color pictures taken of your child with white background. One of them must be signed by the person who recommended them to fill in the appropriate section on the form for application.
    • All your Identity Cards and Your partner (or your Travel Documents both)
    • The passport, if there is one for your child in the event that he or she has already been issued or issued the Travel Document

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security
201, Strait Street
Valletta VLT 2000
Telephone: 2568 9000
Fax: 2568 9350


Refugees from Maltese.


  • Adult Refugee Passport 70
  • Minor Refugee Passport 55

Documents to Utilize

Form A:

Processing Time

The standard processing time for minor passports is four working days.

The Information You Need

  • Surname
  • Name
  • gender
  • date of birth
  • Birthplace of the child
  • The country of birth
  • Identity card number
  • civil status
  • address of the applicant
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • mobile number
  • Information about parents
  • Information about the spouse
  • Information about citizenship
  • declaration of the applicant
  • Parent’s/tutor’s permission
  • Recommendation from the endorser (sponsor)

Documentation is needed

A refugee’s passport can be described as an identity document that is granted to refugees by the state where they reside. which permits the refugee to leave that state, and then return.

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