How to Apply For Registering a Civil Society in Egypt

Apply For Registering a Civil Society in Egypt

  • Any foreign group that wants to create or assist in the development of the civil rights movement in Egypt must sign up at Egypt’s Foreign Organizations Registry at the Civil Society Support Center in In Cairo through the ministry of interior. The government requires founders to go through long and complicated bureaucratic processes like that of submitting bylaws according to the rules set out.

To be able to create an organization, the following requirements must be met: [edit]

  • The organisation must be recognized under the laws of the country of its origin.
  • A translation of the Articles of Association endorsed by the Egyptian Embassy or the mission in the concerned country is required to be provided.
  • An entire file that contains information about its work, areas of operation biographical information on its chairman and other members of its Board of Directors the contact information of its members, as well as its website should be made available.
  • The organisation must make an application outlining the kinds of activities it would like to carry out in Egypt and its plans for activities and programs, as well as the time frame needed to finish the programs.
  • The place of origin or headquarters of the organization should not be situated in a country that is in conflict against Egypt or in a nation that is boycotted by Egypt.
  • The company must submit a evidence of its technical and financial capacity in order to conduct its plans for activities in Egypt and will provide the sources of the resources.
  • The organisation must implement its programs in conjunction in at least one national organisation.
  • The group must send a quarterly update to the Center regarding its operations in Egypt.
  • The company must keep the records of its accounts that detail the amount of money it earns and its expenditures, based on good accounting practices.
  • The organization will not to make any cash grant to local non-profit organizations.
  • Any possible support [to local organizations] must be limited to specific projects in accordance with the guidelines stipulated within the rules.

Required Documents For Registering a Civil Society

  • (2) copies of the organization’s founding documents; (2) versions of the organizations the documents that were used to establish the organization;
  • Identity cards of founders, the founder’s names and qualifications.
  • Documentation of nationality or the legal permission to operate or work on Egypt soil.

Office Locations and Contacts

Minister of Interior affairs

Major General Major General Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Mostafaimg

Address El Sheikh Rihan St.Cairo ,

Postal Code 11641

Phone number. 27948300 – 27959111 – 27952300

Fax 27960682



What are all the Eligibility

  • All non-governmental organisations (NGOs.
  • All professional and community-based organizations, associations, and other civil society groups have a role to play in with the development and implementation of strategies for reducing poverty.
  • The service providers in local NGOs and community groups are able to serve as watchdogs, to ensure that the government is able to fulfill its obligations to the Egyptian people. Egypt.


The cost is 50Ep


It is valid for a year and after which it renews after 2 years.

Processing Time

It’s three (3) months.


  • The Civil Society Organization (CSO) must adhere to the following rules:
  • It is required to have members of the government on the executive/ leadership board to establish as a Civil Society Organization (CSO in Egypt.
  • It is not recommended to make contact directly with people within the areas in which they wish to serve unless it’s written notice of its plans in writing to Local Councils of the area;
  • Should work with the Local Councils of the area;
  • Do not take part in any action that harms the national interests of Libya;
  • There is a limitation to the registration of any group whose goals are against the laws of Egypt;
  • A company must also limit its activities to the specific area that it is authorized for its activities;
  • A registered business should be prepared to be held accountable for all actions performed by its employees and members.
  • Get an approval from the Non government Organization board for the products for which they would like exemptions.
  • It is not advisable to be involved in any profitable or lucrative

Requirements Information

  • Names and addresses of the founders/members
  • The nationality of the founders
  • Name of the organization and Directors
  • The specifics of the location of operation
  • Specific details of the specific tasks to be performed by the group

The Document is required

  • It is an sum of non-governmental institutions and organizations that represent the interests and desires of their citizens. It also comprises the family as well as other private institutions and organizations.
  • Egypt is going through rapid transformation since the fall of Mubarak in 2011.The moderate Military as well as Muslim Brothers, the two parties, have not been able to come together on a roadmap to move to democratic rule in Egypt.
  • This has led to instances of violence at the voting booth, while ignoring the most essential element that is freedom of assembly, and the autonomy of civil society groups , which are integral to democratic principles.
  • The 2012 Egyptian constitution grants rights and a the authority to citizens of Egypt to create organizations and parties, but only through notifying.
  • The associations that are formed have legal status and the boards of directors of these associations can not be disbanded unless there is an order of a judge.
  • This reveals an unambiguous relationship between the Egyptian society and the state in Egypt.
  • The recently drafted NGO laws that were reviewed during Shura Council in April 2013 Shura Council in April 2013 allows the government to restrict civil society groups in Egypt.

Information that can be useful

  • The Egyptian State has made numerous attempts to impede the growth of civil society over the past few months.
  • It is believed that the Egyptian state has used the creation of quasi-government organizations to sabotage the growth of civil society organizations to exert a influence over these organizations.
  • There are a variety of national councils, including for instance, the National Council for Human Rights and the National Council for Women, for which the government selects the board and also provides the financial assistance.

This has led to an interdependence among the State and civil society groups.

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How to Apply For Registering a Civil Society in Egypt
How to Apply For Registering a Civil Society in Egypt



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