How to Apply for Renew Trade Mark in New Zealand

Apply for Renew Trade Mark in New Zealand

  • You may renew your trade mark online.  Link.
  • By using the search feature to search, select the trade marks you want to renew.
  • Examine the cases selected on the screen, then click the option to submit.

The payment information and options will be shown. Enter your email address in order to receive an invoice that confirms payment of renewal fees.

Office Locations and Contacts

New Zealand Intellectual Property Office

Freephone in New Zealand: 0508 447 669

Freephone service from Australia
1800 796 338

International callers
+64 3 962 2607


The cost for renewal costs NZD $300 per person (excluding the GST).


Trademark registrations is renewed every 10 years. To ensure that your registration is maintained, you have to renew the trademark by the date of expiry.

Processing Time

It takes the IPO approximately 15 working days for them to look over your application and give their opinion.


    • Trade mark registrations is renewed every 10 years.
    • If a trade mark is that is not renewed before deadline will show in the register of trade marks as expired but is still resuspiable.

A trademark can be reinstated up to one year after the registration is expired, however it is not reversible with the same process like a trademark renewal. If the trademark is not renewed within the one year time frame, the trademark will expire.

Required Documents For Renew Trade Mark

This process provides you with details on how to renew your trademark registration within New Zealand.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A trade mark identifies a unique product or service.

The benefits of having your mark registered

  • The exclusive right for the use of this trade name across New Zealand to promote the items and/or services that it covers.
  • Make use of the symbol that represents the trade mark
  • Legal protection that deters others from trying to copy your image.
  • A distinctive trade name can differentiate your business from the rest.
  • Increases the value of your company which will increase when the brand is well-known in the marketplace.
  • You can assign or sell the trademark to a business or individual or grant the use of the trademark to others.

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