How to Apply for Replacement Identification (ID) Card (Above age 15) In United Arab Emirates

Apply for Replacement Identification (ID) Card (Above age 15) In United Arab Emirates By Online

  1. Visit the place where the service is offered and inform the service provider about the loss of your ID.
  2. Complete your details on the the application.
  3. The documents you need to submit in one of our typing facilities.
  4. Pay the registration fee as well as typing costs, and then receive the registration form.
  5. The procedure for replacement could require applicants to retake the fingerprints and photo Inquire at any of the registration centers that are affiliated with Emirates ID Authority for more details.
  6. After you have had your photograph or fingerprint as well as your electronic signature completed, wait for the notification that comes in the form an SMS message directly from Emirates Identity Authority stating that your card is in the process and you are able to get it.

Required Documents For Apply for Replacement Identification (ID) Card

  • Original passport (valid)
  • Original Family Book
  • The ID card to be replaced. If the ID card isn’t accessible, the ID number certificate can be obtained from any center that is associated with Emirates ID Authority.

Note In the event that the passport and the original family record aren’t available, a genuine replica of the original document should be supplied.

Office Locations and Contacts

Mohamed Bin Zayed City – Mayzad Mall Tower 3 7th FloorP.O. Box: 47999
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 4955555
Fax: +971 2 4955550

Contact form for emails and various other methods of contacting Emirates ID

Locate Service Centers

Locate Centres for Typing


  • To UAE Nationals with Social Insurance and over the age of 15.


Charges for Cards: AED 300

The registration and issuance fees

  • Issue and renewal identification cards to UAE nationals as well as of Gulf Cooperation Council nationals (for five years) 100 AED
  • The renewal and issuance of identity cards for residents (per year of the residence) AED 100
  • The issue of a replacement ID card in case of loss or damaged ones AED 300
  • The modification of data requires the issuance of a new ID card, and the validity of the previous ID card AED 150
  • Service that provides a mobile vehicle (for families and individuals and per calendar day) AED 1000
  • Service fee for urgent service AED 150

Extra AED 70 to pay Application Form and typing charges

Delayed Fees AED $20 for every delay day, up to a maximum of AED 1000.

  • Inadequate registration or the issue of identity card
  • The renewal process is delayed for the ID card (after 30 days from the expiry date on the card)
  • Inability to report any changes in the information (30 days from the date of change’s occurred)


  • Fees are applicable to all ages
  • Categories are free of any charges (category of Social Security and disabled people and autism)
  • Services not included in fees exempted by exemption: (mobile car service + urgent service)


The ID card issued to UAE Nationals is valid for five years.


ID card holders who’ve lost their IDs should immediately notify the authorities of the missing ID. This can be occur by visiting the nearest registration center and requesting to cancel the identity card as well as the issue of an Certificate of ID Number. The certificate is required to start the ID replacement procedure. Request for replacement of your ID card can be made by visiting one of the approved typing services, or via the electronic form accessible on the authority’s website. After that, you can visit the official registration centers throughout the nation to complete the process.

The Document is required

In conformity with Federal Decree No.2 for 2004 in 2004, the Emirates Identity Authority is in charge of establishing a population Registry System in UAE. It is in charge of recording personal data as well as civil events for UAE residents and non-residents who reside in the country and issuing an ID card to everyone who is registered.

The following steps will help you one can apply for new ID card.

Information that can be useful

It is the Identity Card is made of a plastic material composed of polyester, also known by the name (Melinex). The card is engraved with the name, nationality , and gender of the person who holds it. The date that the card was issued is also visible on the card.

Every holder has an identification number that can be utilized in all transactions that is authorized by the authority. By using this number, the holder can gain access to all governmental as well as some private and non-governmental entities’ services that require proof of identification. The identification ID number has a unique code. It has 15 characters.

The electronic chip that is embedded in the card contains personal information to be read by the card automatically during transactions that require the owner to present proof of identity and proof of identity. Some of these data are encrypted and only readable/writable/updatable by the authorized authorities in order to protect the privacy of data. The chip could contain up to 32 thousand characters of data.

The Card constructed with state-of the latest technology for smart cards. It includes exact letters Ultra violet ink, the letters line drawing. It comes with nine security features that make it extremely difficult, as the features are superior to the standards currently used in a variety of cards like the credit cards for banks.

Identification Card Holders’ Duties

  • It is not recommended to alter the ID Card, erase, alter or deform the ID Card
  • It is mandatory to carry the ID Card at all times and present it at all times when is required by law. Also, abide by the dates and procedure to renew, replace or providing an ID Card.
  • Notify the authorities of any changes to the details of the Card within a month after the date of change.
  • The loss of ID card to the Emirates ID service center within 7 days of the date of loss.
  • You can apply for a replacement of the lost or damaged card and pay the appropriate fees and submit an acknowledgment to prove that your ID was not used or reserved by any authority or institution.
  • Inform the closest Emirates ID service center within 7 days if your ID card is either partially or totally damaged, making it unusable for the purpose it was designed for. In this instance the cardholder must seek a replacement for the damaged or lost ID card and pay the appropriate fees.
  • Don’t leave your ID card with any company without a ruling or judgment issued by an appropriate court.
  • If you discover the ID card of another person, present it to the closest Emirates ID service center or to the closest police station.

Note that all Holders of ID Cards must adhere to the above guidelines. Legal guardian or any other person who is his replacement must take on the responsibility of implementing these directions.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The possession of an ID card is required for all citizens and legal residents of the UAE.
  • The card serves to provide identification and verification in accordance with International Standards.
  • The card also shields its owner from fraud and identity theft.
  • It is a way to connect to secure eServices.
  • It also functions as a portable, personal database.

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