How to Apply for Standard Passport in Nigeria

 Apply for Standard Passport in Nigeria In online

  • To apply for an Standard Passport online, the applicant has to go to the Nigerian Immigration Portal by clicking the link below: Link

  • In the webpage that opens open, go to”Passports” and then click on the “Passport” tab. You will then be able to locate that category. Click on the Fresh Passport category and click “Apply” button beneath that. The application form for the passport category you want is opened.
  • On the screen that appears you will be able to select which type of passport you want to use and country to process , and then click the “Start Application” button. After that, select one of the available browser accounts and log in using the help of your login credentials.
  • A message with a dialogue will pop up that requires you to click the “Acknowledge” following which an online form to apply for a job will be shown on the screen. First, you must enter the personal information and then click the “Next” option.
  • Similar to the first step, you must finish the second step by providing the information required, and then select the “Submit application” button. The next step is to go through the directions in the instructions, read the information then click the “Print and Continue” button.
  • Print out the completed application form to submit to the office. Click “Continue application” button to begin making the necessary payments. After that, click the “Proceed for check out” button.
  • The next step is to confirm that your cart will be in place in the majority of cases, just click “Proceed online payment” button, or enter the application ID then click the “Add to Cart” button, then click the “Proceed online payment” button.
  • The next stage is to choose a the payment option, mark the boxes that you have met with the terms of the agreement and click the “Next” button as well as “Continue” button in the next step.
  • On the payment page in the payment page, input your personal details as well as billing and details for your card and click the “Make payment” button to complete the payment. Pay the bill by following the on-screen instructions , and then make a copy of the payment receipt.
  • After you have paid the application is complete and you will receive a confirmation with a reference number for your payment.
  • You must bring all the documents that are required to be provided in order to obtain the Passport you’ve filled out your online. Then, you must go to the Passport office you selected when you filled out your online registration.
  • Visit the office to submit the necessary documents to the appropriate office. After submission, the applications along with the attached documents will be submitted to verify and validate.
  • After confirming that the necessary requirements were properly supplied After confirming that the requirements have been met, officials proceed to complete the required actions.
  • After all the necessary steps are completed and your Passport document is available for collection You will be informed and asked to pick up the document.

Documents Required For Apply for Standard Passport

  • Please refer to the “Fresh Visa Application Requirements” section of the following hyperlink for a list of the requirements: Link

Office Locations and Contacts

Nigeria Immigration Service,Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l Airport Road,
Sauka, Abuja.
P.M.B. 38, Garki,
Phone: +2348119753844
Site: Link
Contact Link (refer to the section ‘Passport offices’): Link
For Enquiries and complaints:

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone from Nigeria who wishes to apply for the Standard Passport, can apply.
  • The person applying must comply with the conditions set out by Nigerian Immigration Services.


32-page booklet:
Ages 0-17 and 60 years and above: N10750.00
Ages 18-59: N17,000.00

64-page booklet:N22,000
Check out the to the ‘Fresh Passport in the category “Fees to Passport and Other’ to find out more information about fees: Link


  • Children and Adults (32 pages) 5 years and older
  • Majors and adults (64 pages) 5 years and older

Adults (18+) only (64 pages) 10 years

Processing Time

The application process begins at 48 hours following the Biometric Data Registration.


  • Due to COVID 19 related issues Before beginning the process of submitting a new application or making a transaction, you should call the Nigerian consulate or immigration office for opening hours, times and operating hours.
  • Enter all surnames as well as first names that are listed on the official document confirming your identity. When only one person’s name is mentioned in your identity card, you must enter the name of that surname. Avoid putting suffixes in your surname.
  • The applicants are advised to read the instructions under each field and make sure to complete the application according to the directions.
  • Candidates are required to show at the designated Immigration Office for photograph and biometric data capture.
  • Visit the link below to learn more about the relevant guidelines: Link

The Information You Need

  • The full name and other information of the applicant
  • DOB and Contact Information
  • National Identity Number
  • Permanent Residence address
  • Addresses in other countries
  • Personal details
  • Parents as well as the next of kin’s information
  • Reference details

Documentation is needed

  • Nigerian Passport is required for when the Nigerian is planning to travel abroad to another nation by airways.

Information that can be useful

      • Place of birth is your name, the country, province or territory in which the individual was born.
      • Administrative fees are non-refundable. payments for passport fees for these cases require approval of the application.
      • There is no age limit for the 64 pages of the Passport booklet.

Further information is available under the ‘Passports Types’ section of the following link: Link

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