How to Apply for Tax Residence Certificate In Uruguay

Apply for Tax Residence Certificate In Uruguay By Online

  1. Visit the Office for General Revenue. The request is made in a class setting.
  2. Fill out the form 5202. The form can be downloaded here:,principal,restantes_formularios,O,es,0,.
  3. Send the necessary documents.

Required Documents For Apply for Tax Residence Certificate

  • Form 5202 Demand to apply for Tax Residency Certificate
  • Proof of tax residency
  • passport (if it is applicable)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Economy and Finance General Revenue

In Montevideo:

  • Administrative Division Desk 8th. Apartment Local DGI
  • Fernandez Crespo 1534
  • Hours Monday through Friday: 9:30-16:00


  • The DGI .
  • Hours Monday through Friday 9:15 to 16:00 at
  • Helpline Contact: 1344


There is no cost or charge when applying for tax residency certificate.

The Information You Need

  • Full name
  • Identification number
  • full address
  • state signatory
  • the body, or any other company to which the tax residence certificate request is made should be noted
  • Authorization

DocuenT is needed.

Here are the steps on how to apply for a tax residency certificate. A tax residence certificate is a document that extends the authority to be used for the purpose of attesting to the Private Attorney who requested.

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