How to Apply for The Gerace Research Centre Scholarship In Bahamas

Apply for The Gerace Research Centre Scholarship In Bahamas By Online

Register Online

  1. To be eligible to be considered for “The Gerace Research Centre Scholarship” applicants must apply Online.
  2. Click the link below to sign up online: Link.
  3. How to  Apply for The Gerace Research Centre Scholarship In Bahamas
    How to Apply for The Gerace Research Centre Scholarship In Bahamas
  4. On the right-hand side of the page, click on “Apply” button.
  5. The site will be directed to the “Sign up” Page. Click on the button “Sign up”.
  6. The user must supply an email address , as well as a password in order to create an account.
  7. After registering after completing the registration, the user will receive an email confirmation.
  8. The applicant needs to click the confirmation link to confirm their account.
  9. The applicant is now able to begin using the system to complete an online application.
  10. The applicant must fill out the application form and provide along with the documents required, according to the “Required Documents” section, by the end of the week on the last day in April.
  11. The applicant should not miss any information, as incomplete documents are not examined as valid by The National Scholarship Committee.
  12. An applicant is informed regarding the final decision made by the National Scholarship Committee by telephone either by e-mail or postal mail.

Required Documents For Apply for The Gerace Research Centre Scholarship 

  • Copy of the relevant examination certificate and test scores (AA, GCE, BGCSE, SAT, etc.)
  • Three reference letters
  • Copy of an acceptance note from the institution
  • A copy of a current transcript (Local or Abroad)
  • Copy of the pages that comprise the first four pages of your passport.
  • Copy of the current National Insurance Card
  • A short statement of around 150 words describing your goals in the field and the reasons for applying for a award
  • Medical fitness certificate (after the award has been made)

Office Locations and Contacts

The Chairman of the National Scholarship Committee,
The Scholarship & Educational Loan Division,
Ministry of Education,
Shirley Street, Nassau,
P. O. Box N-3913
Nassau, Bahamas.
Contact Address Contact Information Link


  • A candidate must be Bahamian citizens with an excellent moral standing.
  • An absolute GPA in the range of 3.0 (or an equivalent) is required for consideration.
  • Financial Need: An assessment of the family’s earnings in addition to any additional awards such as scholarships, loans, or grants
  • Develop leadership skills and create a positive impression on the school and community
  • Acceptance into an institution sponsored by Gerace and enrollment in the Gerace-sponsored program of study.
  • At the time of submitting your application at the time of application, you cannot be an awardee of another award or award or.
  • Five BGCSEs (Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education) with grades of C or better.


No processing charges.


Failure to enroll, inability take on full course loads Bad behavior, inability to enrol, and any reason that is acceptable by any other reason acceptable to the National Scholarship Committee may result in the revocation of the scholarship at any point in time.

Processing Time

The candidate will be chosen and notified within the first week of July.

The Document is required

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