How To Apply for Voting Booklet In Cyprus

How To Apply for Voting Booklet In Cyprus

  • Complete your details on the request form
  • Complete the form and attach all required documents.

Documents that are required Voting Booklet

for registration on the Electoral List and issuance of Voting Card

  • The completed application form is required to be registered on the Electoral List.
  • Photo of applicant (if the applicant is able to present himself in person, he could be photographed for free without the need to provide the photograph).
  • A certificate from the president from the Community of the area where the voter lives. If the voter presents himself, no certificate is required.
  • In order for a person to be considered to be a part of a religious community (Latin Maronite or Armenian) as well as their Electoral List is to be updated therefore a proof from the Church of his choice is required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Civil Registry and Migration Department

1457 Nicosia

Tel: 22804400, 22804511, 22804425

Fax: 22804534

Others numbers for CRMD

What Are All The Eligibility

In order to be on the Electoral List and obtain a Voting Card the applicant needs to be an Cypriot citizen who is over the age of 18 and is an permanent citizen of Cyprus within the last six months prior to the filing to the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Concerning those who are Cypriots by birth who obtain Cypriot citizenship, no period of six months is necessary to submit an application.


  • Voting cards are issued through the Civil Registry and Migration Department and the regional Offices of the District Administrations.
  • It is the Voting Cards of new voters who’s names are listed in the Supplementary Electoral List from time to time , which is drawn at least every 3 months. is issued from the Offices of the District Administrations following the time that they have made sure that the Electoral List has been displayed and scrutinized for any possible objections by each interested person.

The Document is required Voting Booklet

  • An electoral list contains the names of registered voters within the area. It is the duty of voters eligible to make their names available for inclusion on the list. This list of voters is drawn each three months on the 2nd of January, April 2nd 2, July 2nd and the 2nd of October.
  • The following are steps to follow to apply for a vote book.

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