How To Apply for Work Permit In Angola

How To Apply for Work Permit In Angola

  • The holders of a work visa to Angola are able to remain in the country for upto 12 months (this is able to be extended two times) and are permitted multiple entry into Angola.
  • The employee must be solely engaged in the profession work that was the reason the visa was issued and can only be employed by the company who has requested the visa.
  • It is important to remember that a visa to work for Angola doesn’t permit holders to establish a residence in Angola.
  • Expats looking to establish residency in Angola require the residence permit of Angola.
  • The hiring company typically is the sponsor for the visa and takes care of all necessary arrangements to facilitate an application for visa. It’s also the responsibility the company that requested the visa to inform the proper authority of any change to the period of their contract.

The family members or the dependents of the employee are required be able to obtain a visa to stay temporarily when accompanying the holder of their work permit.

Documents that are required Apply for Work Permit

  • The application form must be completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Passport that is valid for longer than 12 months, it should have two blank pages
  • Invitation letter of invitation from an Angolan registered company that contains details of candidate and their nationality, passport number as well as the date of expiration, as well as the profession they are employed in and the function they’ll be performing
  • Three copies of the pages of the passport, which contain details on the applicant’s previous visas , as well as entry into Angola along with other visas
  • Three passport-sized photos in color
  • The criminal record (translated to Portuguese as authenticated and certified by a notary public)
  • A certificate of health that is issued by an health authority of where you reside as well as an international certificate of vaccinations (translated to Portuguese certified by a notary public)
  • A statement (in Portuguese) by the applicant that they will abide by Angola’s laws. Angola
  • Employment contract for employment in Portuguese signed by the registered company that is authorized to be operating in Angola
  • A certificate of academic or professional qualification (translated to Portuguese as well as authenticated by a notary public)
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate (translated in Portuguese as well as authenticated by a notary public)
  • A copy of two of the company’s charter and the constitution
  • Two copies of the most recent tax revenues of the firm, in the cases of private or institutional corporations.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Public Administration,Labour and social security.


H.E. Mr. Antnio Domingos da Costa Pitra Neto


H.E. Mr. Sebastio Constantino Lukinda

Address: Rua do 1 Congresso do MPLA, 5 Luanda, Repblica de Angola

Phone: (00244 222) 338940, 336095, 336096

Fax: (00244 222) 399507


What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who wants to perform work within Egypt requires a Work Permit.
  • You’ll require an authorization to enter Angola’s Government Security Agency in Angola.
  • Additionally, you will need to show proof of an unblemished report of health.This is in addition to taking one HIV test.


The fee charged for the service is $100.


It’s valid for a year. After which you’ll have to renew it for two consecutive years . Employers will usually manage the renewal procedure.

Processing Time

The process can take anywhere from one to six months, so you must plan ahead.


  • You can obtain the working permit form through the ministry of public administration , Labour and Social Security.
  • For those who may not be located in Angola their employer will request the form they need for them.
  • All applicants must submit a variety of documents to back their application.

The Information You Need

  • A scan of your passport’s biodata page (the page that includes your photo).
  • Your occupation.
  • The estimated date for arrival.
  • Payment proof.

Need to have the Document

If you receive an offer to work from a business in Angola typically, you’ll need to apply for a work permit. Work permits are issued in Angola are not a source of possibility of moving jobs in the country. You’ll have to stick at one employer. If there are any changes made to the job, the authorities will inform you. If make any necessary modifications to your contract, the company will notify the authorities. Work permits in Angola are issued to those who are granted the temporary contract in an Angolan state Angolan state or for the benefit or on behalf of the Angolan company.

You’ll need to supply your employer with several documents. A comprehensive list can be found on the Expat Arrivals on the following site

How To Apply for Work Permit In Angola
How To Apply for Work Permit In Angola

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