How to Apply or Get Agriculture Development Trust Fund Credit from Unity Bank in Nigeria

Apply or Get Agriculture Development Trust Fund Credit from Unity Bank in Nigeria By Yourself

  • In order to apply for making an application to apply for Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit in person, the person applying should visit any Branch or branch of Unity banking institution in Nigeria.
  • Contact information to office addresses and phone numbers of Unity Bank branch office are available at the following link: Link

  • Click the link and select the drop-down menu to find the name of the branch and the address of the branch.
  • Visit the branch in question and inquire with the appropriate official regarding the process to apply in order to get Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit.
  • First, you must establish an account with the particular commercial bank , following the procedure that is prescribed.
  • Then, you can make an application to Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit through obtaining an appropriate Application form and submitting it to the appropriate department. Click here to download: Link
  • Fill out the application form and include essential information and the details required in the appropriate sections.
  • Complete the form, and attach the supporting documents within the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Send the application form to the appropriate authority in the appropriate office.
  • If you need an amount greater than N20,000.00 You must make sure you have collateral for the amount of loan required, according to the required.
  • Following submission, the internal processing of the application and the verification of the submitted documents by the appropriate officials will begin.
  • The applicant may find any information on the progress of his/her application at the place where the application was submitted.
  • In addition, you’ll require insurance coverage through The Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC). Contact information and address are available at the following URL: Link

Documents Required For Apply or Get Agriculture

  • The completed application form
  • Information about all Directors (LLC)
  • Copies of Memorandums and Articles of Association (LLC)
  • Certificate Of Incorporation (LLC)
  • Names of the sole proprietors/partners (Business name)
  • Copies of Registration Certificate and the Partnership Certificate
  • Balance sheet
  • Board Resolution
  • Feasibility Report
  • Three-year audited accounts
  • Statistics on Accounts
  • Cash Security
  • Proof of Stocks, Machinery Insurance
  • Director’s Guarantee Form
  • Form for Guarantor
  • Cost of the project and anticipated output returns
  • The project’s profitability

Office Locations and Contacts

Unity Bank Plc, Plot 42,
Ahmed Onibudo Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.
Phone: +234 (0) 7080 666 030
Site: Link

Central Bank of Nigeria,
Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way,
Central Business District,
Cadastral Zone,
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory,
Phone: +234 700 225 5226
Site: Link
CBN branch offices: Link
Unity Bank: Link

What are all the Eligibility

Anyone who is a farmer in the the rural regions of Nigeria who wants to use the Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit for loans to farmers is eligible to apply.


The process is typically at no cost.


It is based on the gestation duration of the farming activity the farmer is involved in.

Documents to Utilize

Form for applying: Link


  • The application form must be filled out in duplicate and should be accompanied by two passport size photos.
  • The application must be sent at the location of the lending institution where the facility is requested.
  • If the loan amount exceeds N20, 000.00, the lender will require you to offer collateral. The collateral could be physical form or in the form of a cash security for the amount of the loan.
  • It is possible to obtain an amount of N20,000.00 and less, which is accompanied by an individual guarantee from a trustworthy individual in your locality or even more than N20,000.00 by being an member of Self Help Group or Cooperative Society.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the applicant
  • Age and date of birth
  • Address of residence of the farmer
  • Email address and contact number
  • Address of the company
  • Occupation
  • The name of the banker and address
  • The details of the security that is offered
  • Sizes and dimensions of farms
  • Other information about the farm
  • Income/Expenditure details
  • Information about banks

The Document is required

  • The purpose of to apply for the Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit for farmers is to get concessions or benefits for working capital loans for their business.
  • Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit (ADTFC) is a three-way arrangement between the trust fund’s provider and the Bank and CBN (guarantor) for the purpose of offer working capital loans to farms and businesses.

Information that could be helpful

  • The Trust Fund secures 25% or more of the loans to the prospective customers, and the savings of farmers guarantee another 25%, and the ACGSF ensures 75 percent of the remainder 50% leaving the lending institution with a an exposure to risk of 12.5 percent.

Sometimes, the government of the state in recognition of the limited capacity of the farmers across the country, could decide to raise its stake to 25% to aid the farmers in need who might be unable to accumulate enough savings to be eligible for an appropriate amount of loan.

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