How to Apply or Get Quarterly and Monthly Returns from SEC (Security Exchange Commission) in Nigeria

Apply or Get Quarterly and Monthly Returns from SEC (Security Exchange Commission) in Nigeria In online

  • For applications for Quarterly and Monthly Returns by e-mail Visit their official web site. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigeria : Contact

  • Select “Form/Fees” and then select “Return Formulas” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to “Quarterly Returns Formula For Capital Market Operators” to download the application form. You can download it from this link: Application form
  • Click on “Guideline for filling out the Net Capital Template” in the same section for the download of the guideline to fill in the form. Click on the link below to downloadthe following: Guideline
  • Fill in the application form in with pertinent information that is based on the guideline template.
  • After completion, cross-check the main statement (of Financial Position and Financial Performance, as well as Changes in Equity, and cash flow) to verify the the accuracy.
  • Make sure that the qualitative portion on the form (SEC/QR Form) for your registered purpose is filled in.
  • Keep the (completed) templates on your personal computer. Include the name of your business and the period of reporting (e.g. ALPHAROMEO SECURITIES LIMITED 1ST Quarter 2013 RETURN).
  • The completed template and supporting documents, as specified on the “Required Documents” section on this page, must be sent as a single mail to the email address registered by the company at the Commission.


Only returns that are sent to an an email address that is registered will be taken into consideration.

Multiple messages sent in relation to a specific submission might be ignored.

  • An auto-reply that acknowledges that you have submitted your information will be sent out to the email address of your choice. Additionally, it is recommended to keep track of your submission (using receipts for delivery and reading) to provide an additional proof of submission. You can also contact us via email or by phone.

Documents Required For Apply or Get Quarterly

The template that has been completed CSCS Statements Bank Statements Certificates of Deposit, etc.

Office Locations and Contacts

Head Office – AbujaSEC TOWERS, Plot 272, Samuel Adesujo Ademulegun Street, Central Business District
Phone: +234 (0) 94621100; +234 (0) 94621168
The Regional Offices of Other Regions are: address

What are all the Eligibility

  • The people must be fit and able to function on the market.
  • Police reports that are satisfactory.

Good referees’ report (banker and the immediate prior report of the employer).


  • Usually, renewal of registrations is usually at least every 2 years.

Documents to Utilize

The Application Form Application Formula

Examples of Documents

Processing Time

A confirmation email acknowledging your request will go out to you via email within minutes.


  • All files must be joined one by one. Do not “Zip” an unrelated folder. Only the relevant documents must be included.
  • The automatic submission of returns that are incomplete results in it being void without options to contact the company. Sanctions based on the SEC Rules and ISA (2007) are applied accordingly.
  • Signatures of the signatures are to be scanned and saved to the P.C then copied and pasted within the cell on the form SEC/QR. The signature must be adjusted to be able to fit into the cell.

The Information You Need

  • Summary of the Financial Situation
    • Assets
    • Liability
    • Equity
  • Report of Loss or Profit as well as Other Comprehensive Income
    • Profits for the time
    • Other comprehensive income
    • Items that are recycled are re-used to P&L
    • Items that are not recycled to P&L
  • Statement of Changes to Equity
    • Balance at the end of the end of the previous quarter
    • Other comprehensive income items
    • Total Comprehensive Income during the period, minus tax
    • Balance at the end of the quarter
    • Disclosure on prior year adjustment/accounting policy changes
  • Statement of Cash Flow
    • Cash is generated from operating activities.
    • Net cash (used to fund) operations
    • Cash flows from investment activities
    • Net cash is used to invest in activities
    • Cash flows from finance activities
    • Net cash flow from financing activities
    • Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents
    • In addition, cash or cash equivalents at the beginning of each quarter

At the the end of each quarter

Information that can be useful

      • The template only (as download from the website of Commission) is to be used for quarterly return filings filed by operators.
      • The template must not be modified or reviewed in any way to serve this reason as it renders the returns null and void.

Signed signatures from the Director of Operations as well as the Compliance officer must be copied, scanned, and pasted into the designated areas of the quarterly return forms.

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