How to Apply to obtain a social welfare payment In Ireland

Apply to obtain a social welfare payment In Ireland By Online

To apply for a social security payment, fill out the appropriate application form and send this form back to Department of Social Protection. The address for return is printed in the form. In order to submit an application to receive Rent Supplement and mortgage interest Supplement or any other payment within the Supplementary Welfare Scheme, you have to submit an application to the Department of Social Protection’s Representative (formerly called the Community Welfare Officer) at the nearest health center.

  • The applicant must fill out the form and submit supporting documents. You can obtain an application form, or claim form at the Department of Social Protection, your Social Welfare Local Office or your local Citizens Information Centre. You can also obtain an application form on department’s site.

You Social Welfare Local Office or your local Citizens Information Centre will help you complete the claim form.

  • If you require an birth, marriage, or death certificate to claim social welfare or assistance payment, it could be obtained at a reduced price (currently 1) from the nearest Superintendent Registrars Office or the General Registrar Office (GRO). For the reduced price you must have a letter or letter that comes from the Department to establish the certificate is required to fulfill the requirements. In addition, the Department of Social Protection will keep the certificates you receive at a lower cost.

The General Registers Office keeps all records related to deaths, births and marriages that took place in Ireland (not Northern Ireland). Birth certificates for adopted children as well as non-Catholic marriage certificates can only be obtained through General Register Office General Register Office The Superintendent Registrars are in every county, and they keep the records of all births, deaths , and marriages which took place within the counties. Find out more about obtaining a Birth, Marriage , or Death certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

Local health centre


  • You may make an application for social security payment If you believe you have the right to receive the payment.
  • The first step to take before applying is to discover the type of payment you are eligible for. The payments are offered to those who are unemployed, for family members and kids, widows, widowers, and survivors of civil partners, for guardians and orphans, for elderly and retired persons, as well as for disabled persons as well as their caregivers. If you are a recipient of an income from social welfare, you could also be eligible for additional benefits from social welfare.
  • The Household Budget Scheme allows people who receive social welfare benefits to receive regular small amounts deducted from the social assistance benefits to pay for household expenses. Examples include telephone electric, gas, electricity, and rent to local authorities.


    • To apply for a Social welfare payment , complete an application form. In addition, you must submit other documentation. The details and the documentation required differ between each payment. The kind of documentation you need is also dependent on your specific circumstances. In general, you will need to provide some evidence in the claim form. For instance, for the majority of claims, you’ll have to provide an official birth certificate.
    • If you are eligible to receive a cash payment and qualify, you could be eligible to increase your monthly payment for an adult dependent. It is possible be eligible to receive a claim on behalf of a minor as a dependent. If you’re able to claim dependents then you can apply for dependants. Department of Social Protection will require information on your dependents when filling out the claim form.
    • It might take some time to allow the Department to consider your claim. In the course of this process you could be questioned at home or be requested to appear for an interview at the neighborhood social service office.
    • When your request is considered by the Department You may be eligible for a Supplementary Welfare Allowance.
    • It is crucial to file your claim as quickly as you realize you are entitled to the amount. All payments have to have to be claimed in a certain time frame. If you do not claim your payment on the deadline, you could lose your money. Find out more information about making a claims that are late.
    • If you’re asked to provide the information that is reasonably required by an inspector of social welfare when looking into your claim, you must submit the declarations, documents or information in the period of 21 days. The same deadline applies to your civil partner, spouse cohabitant, employer and a few other individuals (for instance landlords).

If you’re denied the social welfare benefit or receive a lower amount than what you were expecting You are given 21 days in which to challenge your decision to the Department of Social Protection.

Required Document For Apply to obtain a social welfare payment

The Department of Social Protection has various social welfare benefits that offer financial aid. If you want to get a social security payment, you have to apply. Therefore, if you believe you’re eligible for an amount, you must apply in the event that you feel you aren’t eligible.

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How are social welfare decisions taken

  • Deciding officers are employed by the Department of Social Protection to take or deny claims filed by the government of Ireland to receive social welfare benefits. Deciding officers are granted the power to take these decisions by virtue of legislation such as the Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005 and prior social welfare legislation.
  • When you make an application for a social security payment you have to fill out an application form. The form for application will ask for a variety of information, like your address, name PPS Number, address, earnings, etc. These details will aid your Department of Social Protection to complete your application and, If your claim is approved, to pay it.
  • In order to complete the application process, you have to submit additional documents to show that the information that you’ve filled out in the form of application is accurate. For instance, you may be required to provide proof of birth to show you’ve provided the exact day of your birth.
  • In order to be eligible for a social welfare benefit you must satisfy all requirements for a payment to be eligible. Different social welfare benefits have different criteria for qualifying. Your responsibility is to demonstrate to that Department that you meet the requirements for the benefit you’ve applied for.
  • If you’re seeking a financial aid because of certain illnesses or disabilities,, your doctor has to fill out a part of the application form. If you’re employed and your employer is required to fill in a section of the application. The type of information you need to provide will depend on the kind of payment you are applying for.
  • When you submit your application to the Department of Social Protection it will be inspected to ensure that the form is completed correctly and that you’ve submitted all required documents when you submit your application. In this instance the Department might request additional details from you or request you to undergo an examination in order to determine if are eligible for the benefit that you’ve applied for. In the case of, for example, if you are applying to receive Disability Allowance you could be required to undergo an examination by a doctor. When this happens, the situation, the report of your doctor detailing your eligibility to fulfill the medical criteria will be sent to the department head of the Department of Social Protection who is in charge of making the decision regarding your claim.
  • If the Department has all the data it requires A Deciding Officer will look over your claim and decide whether to decide to accept or deny your application to the Social Welfare benefit you requested. The Deciding Officer will follow the rules stipulated within Social Welfare Acts, Statutory Instruments and the relevant Departmental Guidelines, Circulars etc. in deciding regarding your claim. In the event that your claim gets accepted after a Deciding Officer has made a decision, they will decide on the amount of your reimbursement.
  • The Deciding Officer is required to document his or her decision regarding the claim you make in writing. In general, if your request for a reimbursement is successful, you’ll receive a formal letter acknowledging this. If the decision is not favorable however, the officer who made the decision will issue a formal letter that explains why your claim has been denied.



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